When His Eyes Opened Chapter 863

While Charlie and Jeanette were busy welcoming guests at the hotel that morning, Elliot’s personal team of bodyguards and manned helicopters surrounded the entire Tierney Villa

Charlie’s subordinates had never in their lives encountered such a terrifying battle.

All it took was the time for Elliot to finish one cigarette in the living room for his bodyguards to get back what was his!

This top-secret plan was devised after Chelsea heard Charlie’s phone conversation about how he had left his bargaining chip against Elliot with one of his subordinates.

Once Elliot retrieved his belonging, he left.

Chelsea knew that today was probably the last time they would ever meet again in their lives. He did not belong to her, not before, not now, and now ever.

She never received love from Elliot, but she learned how to be ruthless and cruel! Over at the hotel, Ben received a phone call, then said to his comrades, “Elliot isn’t coming. You can all leave now!”

“Huh? Can we at least stay for lunch?” Jun was hungry.

“There’ve been some changes in the Tierney family,” Ben whispered. “You should leave if you don’t want to get caught up in the mess.” “What about you?” Jun decided to leave immediately. He wanted to stay and watch the show, but his life was more important.

“I’m not afraid to die, so I’m staying to watch the fun.” Ben did not expect Chelsea to be this ambitious, so he wanted to see for himself if she was able to snatch the inheritance away from Charlie.

Jun dragged Chad out and left.

When the two of them walked out of the hotel, they decided at the same time to go to the Foster mansion.

Elliot probably already dealt with his situation. Otherwise, the wedding would not have been canceled.

When they walked out, they saw Charlie frantically running around in circles at t he doors to the banquet hall in a nervous frenzy. He actually thought that he had a chance against Elliot Foster! He should have weighed up himself and the situation before acting so arrogantly.

In the living room at the Foster mansion, Mrs. Scarlet had followed Elliot’s instructions and lit up the fireplace.

Once the fire was lit, Elliot opened up a heavily folded piece of paper, glanced at it once, then tossed it into the fire.

The flames instantly engulfed the piece of paper and turned it into ash. Mrs. Scarlet stood silently on the side, afraid to say a word. “Do you know what this is?” Elliot said suddenly, breaking the silence. “When His Eyes open” Mrs. Scarlet looked at the CD in his hand, then shook her head.

“It’s a recording of my father’s funeral. I take it out and watch it every year on his death anniversary,” Elliot said hoarsely, then loosened his grip and allowed the CD to fall into the fireplace. “I was the one who killed him.

You probably still remember that, right?” Mrs. Scarlet’s expression changed drastically. “I don’t remember anything, Master Elliot! That’s all in the past.

You should focus on the future. You should’ve burned all of these things a long time ago. You shouldn’t let anything chain you down!”

“You were the person that my mother trusted the most. It’s only natural that you don’t blame me.” Elliot smiled as he watched the CD being destroyed by the flames.

“If I got another chance, I’ll kill him myself all over again. He was a monster, but I’m an even more terrifying monster than he was.”

Over in Bridgedale, Avery walked into the bathroom and splashed her face with cold water after a long surgery.

She turned her phone back on and planned on getting Mike to come and pick her up. However, her phone blew up with notifications the moment she turned it on!

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