When His Eyes Opened Chapter 866

Ben instantly understood the situation.

*Take some time off and rest, Elliot!” Ben picked up an empty glass and poured Elliot a glass of wine. “You’ve suffered through a lot lately.” Elliot took over the glass of wine, then said hoarsely, ‘I didn’t suffer through anything.”

Avery and the children were the ones who were truly wronged,

“I know what you’re thinking, but she’s most likely still furious with you right now. You’ll get kicked out if you hastily run to her now.” Ben could not bear to watch Elliot endure that sort of humiliation. “Jun invited her to his wedding on the first of April. She should be attending. That would be a good opportunity to act.”

Elliot did not respond.

He was not sure if he would be able to wait that long.

A month was not that long, but it was not short either. It was enough for a lot of changes to happen.

“Hayden and Layla should be going back to school soon, right? She probably will be back in Aryadelle soon, then.” Seeing Elliot’s long face, Ben racked his brain to come up with ideas for him.

If Avery returned to Aryadelle, then there was still a chance. If she continues to refuse to return, things would be trickier to handle. “She picked up a job in Bridgedale,” Elliot recalled the folder he found in Avery’s room before. “The patient has the same illness that Shea did.”

“Oh? What a coincidence.” Ben was a little shocked. “Does that mean she won’t be coming back for now? What a shame.

Although, picking up this job probably means that she’s still thinking about Shea!” It had not been long since Shea passed away. How could Avery possibly have forgotten about her?

Two days later, Mike brought Hayden and Layla back to Aryadelle. Chad picked them up from the airport. When he saw the children, he gave them each a small gift. “Thank you, Uncle Chad.” Layla accepted the gift, but Hayden turned away and refused. This was because Hayden knew that Chad was Elliot’s personal assistant.

“Hold on to your brother’s gift for him for now, Layla! It’s nothing fancy.” Chad quickly handled the awkward situation, then turned to Mike and asked, “When will Avery and Robert be coming back?” “I don’t know. Her patient just woke up when we were leaving. “Mike picked Layla up, then

said, “Let’s talk when we get home! Is there anything to eat at home? Should we get something to eat before heading back?” “I made a few simple dishes, but I don’t mind eating out either,” Chad said modestly. “Since you already cooked, let’s just go home and eat!” Mike glanced at Hayden, then cleared his throat and said, “Listen, Hayden.

Uncle Chad and your father have a purely business relationship! He’s on our side.” Hayden shot him a cold look and said, “Make him quit his job, then.”

“Well, I…”

Chad saw how Mike had turned scarlet and could not get a word now, so he quickly smoothed things over and said, “I’m a spy that your Uncle Mike placed by your father’s side. Do you know what a spy is? Basically, whatever your father does every day, I have to report it to Mike.”

Hayden lifted his eyes, then asked Mike, “Is that true?” “Of course! Do you think your mother would let him into our house if he wasn’t on our side?”

Mike decided to use Avery to make his words more convincing. “Don’t worry, Big H. I’ll be the

first one to deal with him if he ever betrays us.” Over in Bridgedale, Adrian woke up the second night after his surgery. He might have woken up, but his condition was not ideal.

Whether it was the doctors or his family speaking to him, he was unresponsive. He seemed to not be able to hear a sound. He stared blankly ahead for a while, then shut his eyes and fell asleep.

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