When His Eyes Opened Chapter 868

If Nathan truly loved Adrian, then he would not call him an idiot.

Elliot never called Shea such a thing, and he would get furious if anyone called Shea an idiot.

This was the difference between loving someone and not loving someone.

“There’s an old saying in Aryadelle that you never see a good person standing by the bed of someone with an old illness. I think Adrian’s family probably does love him. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have spent all that money and effort to treat his illness.” Avery took a sip of water, then readjusted her mindset.

“I suppose that’s true. Either way, his family still shouldn’t be letting out their frustrations on


“I was the one who didn’t explain things to them well enough before the surgery. They were under the impression that I could help Adrian return to normal.” Avery lowered her gaze and looked at Adrian. “Perhaps I said something that made them misunderstand.”

“Their expectations were too high. It would already be a gre at outcome if Adrian’s condition improves slightly,” said the nurse as she comforted Avery. “Don’t stoop to their level, Doctor Tate. By the way, don’t forget to collect the payment for the surgery.”

Avery had only collected a deposit from Adrian’s family. They had agreed to pay the rest after the surgery.

However, judging by their attitude, Avery had no plans to collect the rest of the payment. Back when she agreed to take on Adrian’s surgery, it was not wholly because of the money, but also for Shea.

After Avery sat in the room for a while, the patient on the bed suddenly opened his eyes.

Avery shifted her gaze from her phone and met Adrian’s eyes. “How are you feeling, Adrian?” she asked gently as she put her phone down. “Your head might hurt a little, but that’s normal. Can you hear me?” Adrian gazed at her face and very quickly responded.

Not only did he nod his head, but he also managed to hoarsely say ‘yes’.”When His Eyes open” Avery looked at his eyes and expression. She did not think he was an idiot at all. His reaction was about the same as Shea’s back then.

Apart from once calling Shea an idiot in the heat of a moment during a fight with Elliot, she had never seen Shea as an idiot.

“I’m your attending doctor. My name is Avery Tate.” Avery was introducing herself to him because she never had the chance to do so with Shea before.

If she could turn back time, she wished that she could have said these words the moment after Shea woke up from surgery and made her feel safe.

“Let me know if you don’t feel well. If I’m not here, then you can tell whoever is around about it and ask them to inform me.” Avery held Adrian’s cold hand, then added, “I’ll do my best to help you.”

The space between Adrian’s brows relaxed and he once again responded to Avery. “If you’re feeling dizzy, you can close your eyes and get some rest,” Avery continued after noticing he was a little quiet.

Adrian shook his head and kept his clear, glistening eyes fixed on her.

Avery flashed a polite smile at first, but his extended staring made her feel slightly embarrassed. “What are you thinking about, Adrian?” she asked. Adrian hesitated, then asked, “My name is… Adrian?” “That’s right. Your name is Adrian White.

You’re sick, so your family asked me to treat your illness,” Avery explained patiently. “Your head might hurt right now or your mind might occasionally go blank.

Don’t worry. Things will get better gradually.” Adrian’s lips parted, then he said hoarsely, “Thank you.”

At the doorway to the room, Nathan was stunned to see the scene before him.

Adrian had woken up twice before. He did not seem to be able to hear anything the first time and had no reaction. He could hear the second time, but his eyes were blank and he ignored everyone. He did not expect him to wake up this time and be able to speak.

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