When His Eyes Opened Chapter 869

“Adrian! My dear boy!” Nathan rushed into the room and shoved Avery aside. Avery did not feel any respect from this man at all.

It was as if he wanted to kick her out of the room.

She stared at the man’s profile and wanted to say something, but her reason stopped her from doing so

She felt bad for Adrian, but she had no connection to him at all. Once she was finished with his surgery and his family was happy with the results, her job here was done.

“I was wrong about you earlier, Doctor Tate!” After Nathan got a response from Adrian, he immediately turned around and said emotionally, “Adrian understood when I called out to him. This is a huge improvement! I’ll wire over the remaining payment to you in three days, Doctor Tate. As for the follow-up… If Adrian doesn’t have any other incurable diseases, then we don’t bother you again.”

Avery was stunned. Nathan was saying that once they paid her off, whatever happens to Adrian in the future had nothing to do with her anymore. He also meant for her not to bother them again. However, Avery really wanted to know how Adrian would recover.

“I don’t need the rest of the payment, Mr. White. I just need you to allow me to pay him follow-up visits later on. This is our professional habit as doctors,” Avery said.

“Are you this responsible toward every one of your patients, Doctor Tate?” Nathan flashed a meaningful smile. “If I receive your call in the future, then of course I will answer it. However,

please don’t blame me if I get too busy to pick up your calls!” Avery found the smile of his face to be slightly sinister.

She always gave people the benefit of the doubt, but there was something about Nathan that made shivers run down her spine. He was basically telling her that he would never answer her calls no matter how much she tried.

She did not understand why he would not let her make follow-up visits.

Could Nathan somehow guarantee that Adrian’s illness would not cause problems again in the future? If it truly was in Adrian’s best interest, then he would never be this disrespectful toward his son’s attending doctor.

Avery was livid and wanted to chastise him, but she held back her rage when she saw Adrian on the bed from the corner of her eye. It was fine.

She had the White family’s home address, so she could just pay Adrian a visit there later. Within half an hour of leaving the hospital, Avery received a notification on her phone about a new deposit into her bank account.

She had received the rest of the surgical fees from Nathan. Her fingers clenched tightly around her phone as she stared at the amount of money. What a strange family the Whites18 were!

They were extremely respectful toward her before the surgery. They went with everything she said, as if afraid that she would refuse to treat Adrian’s illness. However, their attitudes took a shocking turn after the surgery.

Avery decided that she absolutely had to make a follow-up visit to the White’s family home to check on Adrian in the future. She did not believe that they would refuse to let her into the house.

When she returned home, Mrs. Cooper saw her long face and asked worriedly, “What’s wrong, Avery? Is the patient not doing well?”

Avery shook her head. “He’s doing pretty well, but there’s something off about his family. “You’re a doctor.

You just need to focus on your patient. Whether or not there’s something off about his family has nothing to do with you. You’d be exhausted if you also had to care about your patients’ families!” said Mrs. Cooper.

“Spending all of that money to hire you for the surgery must mean that they really care about the patient, right? Even if they don’t love him, they probably aren’t abusing him,” she added.

“I suppose so. I was probably just overthinking it.” Avery smiled, then said, “I wonder if it’s because I miss Shea so much. I keep thinking that this patient is so similar to her. What’s even weirder is that his father reminds me of Elliot.”

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