When His Eyes Opened Chapter 873

Avery knew that Elliot would not try to take the children away or force them into doing anything, but she still felt uneasy.

“I’m hanging up, Avery. He’s tailing me right now.” Mike’s tone made it sound like he wanted to shake off Elliot

Avery immediately snapped, “Don’t speed, Mike! Safety comes first. Let him follow you if he wants to. It’s not like he can just walk into Layla’s school anyway.”

“Alright! Maybe he’s just worried about Robert ! His face looked terrible when he heard that Robert had a fever. I’m guessing his first reaction was the same as mine and he probably thought that Robert was in the same condition as before.” Mike’s emotions gradually calmed down.

“Explain it to him later, then! Drive safe. I’m hanging up.” “Okay.” After he hung up, Mike glanced at Layla. She was pouting and her eyes were red. She was not trying, but she looked especially devastated.

“Did we scare you earlier, sweetie? Don’t be scared. He won’t lay a finger on me. Even if we do fight, I might not lose!” Mike said. “If he hits you, then I’ll never like him again.” “Oh? Are you saying that you’re beginning to like him again now?”

Layla frowned and said in frustration, “Didn’t he ask for another chance? I’m still thinking about it!” Mike sighed. “Why are you forgiving him so easily? You’ll be easily taken advantage of in the future like this, sweetie! You should learn from your mother. She’s…”

“He’s handsome, rich, and is a sweet talker… That’s why Mommy gave him three kids,” Layla said, laying out the reality of things.

Mike was speechless. He stayed silent for a moment, then retorted, “He’s a sweet talker? When was he ever a sweet talker?” “He called me ‘sweetie’ just now.” Mike was at a loss for words once again. She was right.

It was not easy for someone as stone-cold as Elliot to call someone “sweetie”. It was clear that he was working hard to redeem himself with Layla. Fifteen minutes later, they pulled up at the school94 gates. Once Mike brought the car to a halt, the Rolls-Royce behind him followed suit.

Mike carried Layla out of the car. Elliot had barely made it out of the car when a handsome silhouette suddenly appeared and took Layla out of Mike’s arms.

A delighted smile instantly appeared on Layla’s face. Elliot watched from afar as Layla wrapped her little arms around Eric Santos’ neck and gave him a peck on the cheek.

Elliot’s fingers instantly tightened around the car door. Now that Layla had Eric, she immediately forgot about the father standing behind her.

Eric carried Layla into the school, while Mike leisurely strolled over to Elliot.

“Go home! You can come back again when Avery returns.” Mike pat Elliot on the shoulder and said, “As long as Avery forgives you, it doesn’t matter how many kids you have, they will all obediently acknowledge you in the end.”

“How’s Robert?” Elliot asked after he calmed down.

“His fever subsided. It’s not like the last time. It was just a common cold,” Mike said. “SO Avery won’t be coming back anytime soon.”

Elliot was relieved, then got back into the car. “Don’t even think about going to Bridgedale to look for her. You’ll only trigger negative emotions in her if you do that,” Mike said as he held onto the car and bent over. “If you can’t stand the guilt and can’t wait to see her, then you should at least give her a call first!

Who knows? She might just pick up.” Once Mike was done talking, he closed the door for Elliot. The black Rolls-Roice drove off and made its way onto the main road. As Elliot sat in the car, he clenched his jaw in torment.

Of course he had thought of giving Avery a call. He held his breath, then pulled out his phone and dialed her number.

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