When His Eyes Opened Chapter 875

“A series of events occurred in the Tierney family over the course of the past few days. I feel that there is a need for me to give the public an explanation.”

Chelsea faced the cameras and said nonchalantly, “After my father was diagnosed with late-stage lung cancer five years ago, he has spent this entire time fighting the disease.

His body had long since failed on him, and he had been depending on medication to continue his life. Unfortunately, on the day of my wedding, he passed away.”

“Miss Tierney, we’re more interested in what happened at your wedding with Elliot Foster.” One of the reporters brought up this sharp question.

Very quickly, another reporter also asked, “Why didn’t Elliot Foster show up on your wedding day, Miss Tierney? Will you be holding a makeup wedding after this?”

Chelsea had already expected that these questions would pop up during the press conference. “I will not. Elliot Foster and I will not be getting married,” Chelsea said.

“I’m thankful for his cooperation during our little act. This was all forced onto me by my brother, Charlie Tierney. He wanted the family fortune for himself to the point that he wanted to murder me.

If Mr. Foster had not given me a helping hand, I would already be dead by my brother’s hands by now.”

A wave of sighs from the reporters offstage followed her explanation.

“After my father was diagnosed with cancer, my brother forced him out of his seat. He had always made it seem like my father favored sons over daughters, but my father favored me the most.

It was a shame that my father’s condition continued to deteriorate as the days went by and could not protect me,” Chelsea continued.

“Miss Tierney, your relationship with your brother seemed very good before your disfigurement. Were you staying at his apartment on the night of the fire?” asked one of the reporters.

“I told you that was before my disfigurement. All the men I knew were nice to be before I was disfigured.” At this point, Chelsea tried her best to suppress her heartache.

“That’s all in the past. I will be leading Trust Capital from now on onto an even more glorious future.” After the press conference came to an end, Chelsea got into the car and took off her mask.

She reached up and stroked the scars on her face.

It felt like she had achieved everything, but at the same time, nothing at all.

Even now that she had Trust Capital and all the money in the world, this was not the life she wanted to live!

Elliot did not show up at the Sterling Group offices that day. Chad called Mrs. Scarlet to ask about him, and was told that Elliot had gotten up early that morning and was now resting at home,

Chad could not help but laugh.

He had been advising Elliot to take a break for a while now, but Elliot was not someone who took the advice of others.

It was a good thing that he was resting at home today.

After Chad sent some documents over to the vice president’s office, he went to the financial department to look for Ben.

Ben had just made a cup of coffee, so his entire office was filled with the fragrance of it. “Let’s help Mr. Foster out, Ben!” Chad said.

Ben raised his brows. “How would we do that? Abduct Avery and send her into his bed?”

Chad was speechless.

“My mother visited me yesterday and is staying at my place. I thought she was an old lady with a modern mindset, but she ended up turning on some r0mantic movie in the living room and forced me to watch it with her. She wanted me to learn how to conquer women from the leading man.”

Chad was very interested in the subject and was all ears.

“I watched the movie with her for a little bit to keep her happy.” Ben took a sip of his coffee, then continued, “The leading man’s mother abducted a beautiful woman for him. She had wrapped her up in a duvet. The woman is the leading lady.

Once the leady lady was abducted, she was sent straight into the leading man’s bed.

Then, the old lady shoved the leading man into the room and locked the door behind him. She made them stay in that room together for a whole week.”

“Holy crap!” Chad exclaimed. “What happened, then?”

Ben coughed, then said, “Then, they went from complete strangers to lovers in bed. Pretty awesome, right?”

“Yes! That’s crazy awesome!” Chad praised. “I know you want to help Elliot, but I really don’t have any ideas. I’m still traumatized by that TV show,” Ben said. “Alright, then. I’ll have to come up with something myself,” said Chad.

Evening came in the blink of an eye. Over at the Starry River Villa, Hayden and Layla arrived home one after the other.

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