When His Eyes Opened Chapter 880

After arriving at the second park attraction, there was still a long line at the gates Naturally, Layla queued up at the VIP lane There was no way that Elliot Foster would let his daughter queue Although the outdoor temperature was relatively cool and comfortable today, it was tiring to

He hated queueing! He marched forward, pulled Layla’s arm, and said lovingly, “Dear, daddy will take you indirectly.” Layla frowned, “Are you saying we jump the queue?” Elliot nodded without thinking Mike was gearing up, having anticipated what would happen next.

At this time, Brad walked up to Elliot and reported the little episode that took place an hour ago

“I hate queue jumping the most! A bad lady was cutting the queue just now so I drove her away! It wouldn’t be fair if I did the same despicable thing myself.” Though Layla didn’t want to queue, she couldn’t do what she hated with her conscience.

Even with his daughter’s mood, he still couldn’t bear to see his daughter suffer in line.

So he made a decisive call. “We won’t cut the queue today. Daddy will close the park and let you enjoy all the rides.” The park manager’s blood went cold. If the park were to close for one day, on the weekend no less, how big of a loss would it be? Had Mr. Foster considered that?

The park had only been in operation for a little more than three months. It hadn’t even recouped the original investment.

Brad saw Elliot’s move coming from miles away.

Elliot Foster avoided crowded places like these plague. If Layla hadn’t come here to play today, he wouldn’t have come. Even if work inspection was being carried out, he would always send his men to do it. Layla was stunned.

Even before her father had a falling out with her mother, he had always been pampering her like this. The familiar feeling of being loved was back. Yet she wasn’t at peace.

“I…I don’t like playing by myself…I want to play with other kids too.” Layla stammered but finished what she wanted to say. She stood her ground and continued lining up.

Elliot wouldn’t force Layla.

All he could do was find a way to keep his daughter from queuing and at the same time a way to take the burden of conscience which was bearing down on her. It was high time to discuss strategy with the parks manager. Mike pulled Brad aside and fretted. “If Avery finds out about this, she will be blaming me.” Brad was ashamed.

“I’m sorry! If Avery finds out, let me explain to her.” “Now what would that achieve? She would still pin the blame on me at the end. Why don’t I just take the brunt of the blame myself!” Mike had already looked the other way. “As long as Layla has fun today, it would all be worth it.” Brad comforted him.

Mike lowered his eyes and asked Layla, “Is it fun here?” “It’s amazing! Don’t worry. I won’t tell my mother.” Layla weighed it in her heart. “I have given it some thought. I still can’t forgive my father. I promised my mother and brother that I would listen to them. I can’t forgive daddy unless they forgive daddy.”

Mike joked, “You’re just a kid and you think so much. I’m afraid that you wouldn’t be able to get any taller from the weight of your thoughts.” Layla said, “No way! Mom said I’d be taller than her!”

On the side, after Elliot and the park manager pieced together their strategy, the manager made haste in implementing it.

Elliot told Brad their solution and asked him to cheer Layla up.

Ten minutes later, an announcement was broadcasted throughout the park. “Dear guests, good morning! To celebrate this wonderful weekend, the park is offering a half-price promotion today.

As long as everyone can let the little girl Layla ride on all of the attractions first, one can enjoy half-price discounts on all the rides in the park.

For guests who aren’t willing to partake in this promotion, the park will still provide a full refund service. Thank you for your support, and we wish you a happy weekend!”

After listening to the broadcast, Mike sighed. “Not only was Elliot good at wooing the ladies, but he also seems to have the skills in coaxing little girls!” Brad added, “If you have money, you can do whatever you please.”

Mike agreed, “One can only dream of that kind of money. Anyways, I’m afraid this promotion is going to make the headlines tomorrow.”

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