When His Eyes Opened Chapter 882

Elliot was here.

Everyone was surprised.

Avery hated him and didn’t want to see him. That much was clear in her heart.

His pride was so strong. Why would he have served himself up on a plate to be humiliated?

Elliot pushed open the car door and stepped out of the car.

He stood at the gates of the courtyard. He saw Chad striding out of the villa. “Sir, let’s go back!” Chad opened the courtyard gate and walked to him. Feeling embarrassed, he said, “She doesn’t want to see you. I was kicked out too.” In fact, it was not as serious as Chad put it.

Avery had given him a chance to redeem himself. As long as he managed to get Elliot to go back, she wouldn’t hold him accountable for taking Layla to Dream City today.

The reason why he ramped up the seriousness of the matter was for Elliot to leave quickly. “She hasn’t been blaming Layla, has she?” Elliot was concerned.

“Nope. After all, Layla is still a kid. Even if she made a mistake, Avery wouldn’t blame her. You don’t have to worry, sir.” Chad advised, “Now that Avery has come back, what you have aplenty in the future are opportunities. You don’t have to rush it.”

There was a hint of coldness on Elliot’s handsome face. “You sound like I am going to do something to her.”

Chad responded, “You do know that Avery won’t put Layla in the straits.”

“Sir, I won’t expose you, but that doesn’t mean I’m a fool. You are obviously here for Avery,” Chad thought

Elliot Foster gave Chad the death stare. He turned and went to his car.

After he got in, he slammed the car door with a bang.

Soon, the black Rolls Royce vanished into the night.

In the villa, everyone sat down in the dining room and began to enjoy a warm dinner.

“Mom, we were planning to go out secretly, but we didn’t expect to meet dad.” Layla tried to explain, “I didn’t even call him ‘dad’. I said I would listen to you and my brother, so I will.”

Avery was no longer angry.

“Layla, are you used to the school already?”

“Everyone likes me very much. So it’s okay I guess!” Layla said. The conversation took a turn.” A boy asked me to be his girlfriend and I made him cry.”

“Huh? Layla, it’s alright to turn down others. But it’s better not to be that harsh on others.”

Avery guided Layla. “Nah, I wasn’t really scolding the boy. I was only saying that my boyfriend had to be as good-looking as Uncle Eric.” Layla said, “I didn’t know that he was going to say that he was cooler than Uncle Eric! So I told him just because you are ugly doesn’t mean you have to be that shameless. That’s how he started crying.”

Avery was planning to give some good advice to Layla. She wanted her to be a gentle soul. Somehow, after listening to her story, Avery couldn’t help laughing. “Dear, you did a great job. Next time let’s be brave and tell the truth.”

Mike encouraged Layla. Layla nodded, then looked at Hayden. “Brother, you didn’t play with us today. It’s such a shame. You have no clue how much fun we had.”

Hayden sneered, “Then what are you doing here? It would be nice if you had just lived there.” Layla licked her lips. She had no clap-back. “Brother, although it’s fun there, I still like our home more. My mother and little brother are back and I’m over the moon!”

“Then go play with your little brother!”

Once again, Layla wasn’t able to counter the latest attack.

She had always thought that she was an eloquent speaker. Though in front of her brother, she felt like a silly kid. Hayden had never been an outspoken person at all. Yet every word he said hit the nail on the head.

Layla didn’t want to admit defeat just yet. After a long breath, she said to Avery, “Mom, I think my brother will definitely not be able to find a wife when he grows up. Boohoo! What should my brother do?!”

Avery was speechless.

Mike interrupted, “Layla, your worries have no basis. Your brother will be making money hand over fist. As long as he can make money, droves of women will come to him.” Layla doubted. “Then what if he doesn’t make any?”

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