When His Eyes Opened Chapter 888

Tammy was just mocking the fact that Elliot had to pay with his card. She had not expected that it wasn’t his bill he was paying for, but theirs.

Though he didn’t speak to them at all, he had paid their bills. Avery hurried to Tammy and said, “I’m going to go out for a bit. Wait here for me.” Before Tammy could react, Avery was already striding out.

As she had expected, Elliot was waiting outside the restaurant. It seemed as though he was certain that she would come out to find him, and the feeling of being manipulated brought a frown to her face. Their eyes met and he instantly faced her. Emotions boiled within her.

‘Did he think that sending me my daughter’s photos and paying my bills are going to erase everything that had happened?’ She thought. She stood by the restaurant’s door and unlocked her phone, before locating his account number and making a transaction.

Once she had completed transferring all the money for the restaurant’s bill, she headed back inside without looking back

Elliot was stunned. He had thought that she would at least say a few words to him; even if she told him to go away, it would have felt better than silence.

When Avery returned to her seat, Tammy asked, “What did you do? Was Elliot out there?” “Yeah.” Avery swiftly calmed herself and said, “He paid for our bill so I transferred the money back to him.”

“Oh my! So he was paying for us with the card just now?” Tammy wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry.

“I was wondering why a VIP guest like him would have to pay like the rest of us. Hahaha! What an interesting man! He doesn’t dare to come to say hi, but dares to secretly pay our bills.”

Avery’s face was slightly flushed as she felt overwhelmed. Though she didn’t speak to Elliot, the look in his eyes was imprinted on her mind.

His eyes were unwavering and fierce like he wanted to swallow her whole. “Why are you back so soon then? Didn’t you talk to him?” Tammy asked. “I didn’t know what to say.” “Did he accept your transaction?”

Avery unlocked her phone to check. She had transferred more money than the bill’s actual amount and even placed a remark which stated that the extra was for letting them have the dish.

She set her phone down and said, “No.” “It’s fine if he doesn’t want to accept it since it’s not like you didn’t try paying him back. He is refusing on purpose so that you will go and find him. Ha! It’s a trap!”


A few moments later, the two of them exited the restaurant. Tammy wanted to continue shopping, but Avery wanted to head home. “The trunk of the car is filled, what else are you trying to buy?” Avery said, “Just wait until next time.”

“Fine,” Tammy said reluctantly, “It’s not that there’s something I want to buy, I just don’t want to stop walking around. My mind starts to wander when I stop.” Tammy found her car in the parking lot and noticed Elliot’s branded car parked right next to hers. What a coincidence.

“Why is he still here?” Tammy lowered her voice as she unlocked her car. Avery started breathing heavily and went to open the car door to get in.

Just then, Elliot stepped out of the Rolls-Roice. His eyes rested on Avery’s face and with a strong voice, he called out to her, “Avery.” Time seemed to have frozen when he spoke.

“Avery, he is calling you,” Tammy reminded. Avery clenched her fists and took a deep breath, before looking back at him. “What?”

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