When His Eyes Opened Chapter 890

Her lashes trembled as she was surprised by how obedient Elliot was.

He was never a man who would listen to her under all circumstances back when they were deeply in love with one another.

Elliot was a man of principle and he would never let her pay or accept her money for whatever they had spent outside, so she didn’t think that he would accept her money despite his principle.

But he did, which meant that he was willing to forego his principles for her sake. If he continued to be this obedient, it would be extremely hard for her to not fall for him.

“Elliot, stop looking at your phone already! Avery isn’t replying, is she?” Ben tapped Elliot on the shoulder and passed him a glass of wine inside the VIP room. “She did.” Elliot set his phone down.

“Did she really? Call her out, then. If you manage to get her here, I will believe that she’s replied.” Ben stared at Elliot’s phone.

“She has work tomorrow.” “Don’t we all?” Ben exposed his lie boldly and said, “If she really did reply, would you still be sitting here, drinking with us? You would have run off to go find her.

Hahaha!” The others noticed the cold expression on Elliot’s face and kept quiet. Ben instantly stopped laughing. Elliot looked at Ben coldly and said in a sarcastic tone.

“You have a big mouth. Go on.” Ben raised his glass and clinked it with Elliot’s. “Don’t get upset, Elliot. Don’t get disheartened even if Avery doesn’t want you right now.

Once she’s dated other men, she will surely realize that there’s no other man like you. She will come back to you then.” Elliot couldn’t tell if Ben was consoling or teasing him.

“Ben, Elliot has suffered enough so stop teasing him.” Jun changed the topic and said, “Why don’t we play a more stimulating game?” Everyone else brightened up. Elliot set his glass down and stood up abruptly.

“You guys go on. I’m leaving.” “Don’t be a buzz-kill, Elliot!

Don’t you know what kind of a person Jun is? He’s been good since he married Tammy, so what exactly do you think he would do? Hahaha!” Ben pulled Elliot back

Jun flushed. “Let’s bet on whether Tammy will come to stop my wedding.”

Elliot sat back down at Jun’s words.

“Look at how scared you made Elliot, Jun… Don’t be so vague when you speak the next time around. I bet that she won’t!” Ben said, “Let’s bet money on this, or it’s no fun!” “Fine! I bet that she will! I still have fifteen thousand dollars in my account and I’ll place it all on the bet!”

“Just like Ben, I bet that Tammy will not interrupt the wedding,” Chad said, “I’ll place a month’s worth of my salary on the bet!”

Everyone betted that Tammy would not interrupt the wedding.

Jun felt slightly defeated. “You all lack confidence in Tammy. Elliot, what about you? What are you betting on?” “Same as the others. I bet that she won’t.”

Jun’s confidence began to waver. “Why? Elliot, do you not support me and Tammy?” “I saw her this afternoon when she was out eating with Avery. She seems to be doing well.”

“At least she is doing better than Avery.”

Jun fell into despair and heartache. Not only had he overestimated Tammy, but he had also lost the remaining fifteen thousand dollars in his bank account.

The next day, Avery saw her children off and drove to the company.

She arrived at Tate Industries at nine in the morning and her employees greeted her. “Morning, President Tate! You are recovering well, one simply wouldn’t be able to tell that you’ve recently given birth!” “Yeah, you are looking great, President Tate! Looks like our company is going to do great this year!”

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