When His Eyes Opened Chapter 894

“No way! I abandoned him!” Hayden glared at Daniel, before grabbing his plate to leave because he didn’t want to have lunch with him any longer.

Daniel immediately grabbed onto Hayden’s jacket. “I’m sorry, Hayden. I – There’s a little girl in my neighborhood and her father abandoned her, so now she stays with her mother.”

One could tell if someone had good or bad intentions from expressions alone; Daniel was insensitive, but not a bad person, so Hayden sat back down.

“I’ve made you mad again, Hayden.” Daniel took the drumstick on his plate and placed it onto Hayden’s. “I didn’t do that on purpose. My dad is really nice to me, so I just wanted you to have a dad who takes care of you as well.”

“I don’t need it!” Hayden stared at the chicken drumstick coldly.

“Why don’t you need your dad? Isn’t it a good thing to have one more person to look after you?” Daniel looked at him in confusion.

“I don’t need your drumstick!” Hayden held onto his plate and moved it away. “It’s unsanitary!

Daniel immediately took the drumstick back. “Even though you act like you don’t like me all the time, I still like being friends with you, Hayden. If only there were two spots for the contest, we would be able to go together.”

Hayden scowled. “It’s not confirmed that I will lose!”

“But your results for the semester exam were below mine and I came first in the class,” Daniel said as he took a bite of the drumstick. “Of course, I will congratulate you if you become better than me, too. We are good friends after all.”

“You are definitely going to cry if I surpass you,” Hayden said sarcastically, “I am not holding back even if you cry.” Daniel hummed in disbelief that Hayden would surpass him and said, “it’s been a while since your sister came to pick you up from school, Hayden, is she starting elementary school as well?

“Are you friends with me just so that you can see my sister?”

Daniel flushed. “No! I…”

Hayden walked away with his plate. No one could pursue his sister, whoever they were.

In Elliot’s house, he went back for a shower and changed into new clothes. Soon, it was eleven in the morning. He went into the study room to open his laptop and checked the meeting record his secretary had sent him.

At the same time, he switched on his phone to check if there were any messages from Avery. All the way until night, he had not received any messages, not to mention calls from Avery. ‘Does she intend on ignoring the misunderstanding we had in the morning?’ Hele thought.

He spent the entire day in a dazed state. He couldn’t eat or sleep. If she didn’t send him a message before the night ended, he probably wouldn’t be able to sleep even if he took sleeping pills.

In Starry River Villa, Avery helped Layla with a shower and realized that Hayden was sitting in front of his computer, looking extremely occupied.

“Hayden, are you doing your homework?” Avery didn’t understand the content of his studies, so Hayden would often seek help from Mike or his teacher when there was something he couldn’t understand.

“Yeah. There’s a new teacher in class and he has really high standards.” Hayden stared at the computer screen unblinkingly as his fingers danced on the keyboard.

“Your class teacher told me about the new teacher. Does the new teacher hold high standards towards you, or to everyone else as well?” Avery stood beside him and glanced at the computer screen.

Hayden had returned to his room as soon as he finished dinner. Finishing his homework had never taken up so much time before and Avery was concerned that he was placed under too much stress.

“He sent me an email with a list of expectations. I’m not sure if he is that way with the others as well.” Hayden spotted the concern on his mother’s face and explained, “the new teacher is great and I respect him. I want to be able to fulfill his expectations for me.”

Avery patted him on the head. “I’m just worried that you will be tired.” “I’m not tired, Mom. I’m almost done.”

“Okay, then I don’t disturb you. Remember to go shower once you are done with your homework.” “Okay.” Avery stepped out of the children’s room and walked towards the living room.

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