When His Eyes Opened Chapter 901

She lowered her gaze thoughtfully, before hurrying off to the bathroom to wash up.

Tammy had mentioned to her before that she was going to attend Jun’s wedding, but now that she couldn’t get in touch with Tammy, Avery was slightly concerned.

Had Tammy changed her mind last minute and decided not to go, or has she been provoked to do something stupid?

Shortly after, Avery got dressed and hurried out of her room with her purse.

When Mrs. Cooper saw her running out, she asked, “Avery, what’s wrong? It’s still early. Do you want to have your breakfast before heading out? I thought the wedding wasn’t until noon?

Avery went towards the door and changed her shoes. “I’ll pass on breakfast. I need to go find Tammy.” The bodyguard drove her to Tammy’s house and she pushed the door open as soon as the car stopped.

Tammy’s mother was watering the plants in the yard and when she spotted Avery, she immediately said, “Avery, Tammy headed out early today. Didn’t she tell you?” Avery froze. “She went to the hotel?”

“Yes! I’m guessing that she didn’t sleep last night! I heard noises from her room even before dawn.” Mrs. Lynch sighed and continued, “Her dad and I didn’t want her to go, but she won’t listen. She has always been stubborn ever since she was a little girl.

Why would she attend that wedding? It’s almost like she wants to get hurt. That silly child!” “Don’t worry, Auntie, I will go look for her right away.” “Keep an eye on her, Avery, I’m worried that she might do something out of line,” Mrs. Lynch reminded.

After exiting the Lynch Mansion, Avery made another call to Tammy, and it was still not picked up. Half an hour later, a car stopped in front of the hotel where the wedding took place.

Jun’s parents were welcoming the guests by the door. Avery strode over and handed the gifts to one of the staff, before looking over at Jun’s parents.

“Uncle, Auntie, has Tammy arrived?” Avery had taken a glance at the guests’ registration list but didn’t see Tammy’s name on it. “She’s not here! I thought she would be coming here with you!” Mrs. Hertzie said. Avery’s blood ran cold. “Auntie, I will go find Tammy first and come back later.”

Avery walked out of the hotel lobby and her attention was instantly caught by the fountain ahead of her. Next to the fountain, sat a slim woman.

It was Tammy.

Avery hurried over to her and sat down next to Tammy.

“Tammy, I called you but you didn’t pick up.” Avery held Tammy’s freezing hands and hesitated for a moment, before saying, “Elliot told me a few days ago that this wedding was a test Jun prepared for you.” Tammy’s makeup melted under her tears.

She took a deep breath and rested her head on Avery’s shoulder. “I just suddenly don’t care anymore, Avery. Let Jun marry another woman! It’s bad enough that I have to suffer, there is no need to drag him into it with me.”

“Whatever your decision is, Tammy, you have my full support,” Avery consoled, “It’s too cold out here. Let’s go inside.”

Avery took Tammy’s hand and brought her into the hotel. Jun’s parents spotted Tammy and they both tried to say something but decided against it in the end.

Avery and Tammy walked into the event hall hand in hand and started seeing the photos of the bride and groom at every corner.

Tammy tensed at the sight of the wedding photos. “Avery… Jun lied to me!” Tears welled up in Tammy’s eyes as she gritted out, “The fiancé he introduced to me before is not the woman in the photos.”

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