When His Eyes Opened Chapter 902

At ten in the morning, most of the guests had arrived. All the guests gathered in small groups and chatted with wine in their hands at different corners of the hall.

Avery accompanied Tammy and sat down by the table she could sense watchful eyes directed at them. Naturally, the others were not looking at her, but at Tarmy.

A lot of people were surprised to see Tammy attend Jun’s wedding as his ex-wife, everyone was curious as to whether something interesting would happen when the bride and groom showed up

“Mike is here.” Tammy nibbled at the pistachio and glanced at the entrance from the corner of her eyes, informing Avery of each guest they knew when they arrived.

Avery looked over at the entrance and saw Mike coming in with Chad. “To be honest, I am really jealous of them right now,” Tammy confessed casually, “What is the conflict between Jun and I when compared to the adversities those two have to go through?

“If it makes you feel any better, you’re right. During new years, Mike went to Chad’s hometown and came close to being beaten. Whatever happened between you and June, at least the two of you wouldn’t have to come to that.”

“Mike is so brave.” “So are you! I didn’t even think of attending Elliot’s wedding the last time.” “It’s different. If it was Chad who dumped me, I probably wouldn’t attend his wedding.” “Oh.”

“Elliot is here.” Tammy’s sharp eyes locked onto the man.

Avery froze. She did not look over, because she could sense his eyes on her. Elliot walked over and both Mike and Chad followed. Mike instantly tried to sit down next to Avery, and without hesitation, Chad pulled him away and sat him down on a seat that was a chair away from Avery, before sitting down next to him.

Everyone else took the hint and sat down, leaving an empty seat next to Avery for Elliot.

Elliot did not notice anything odd about the arrangement and sat down next to Avery; Avery immediately leaned toward Tammy to protest silently.

“Avery, why did you wake up so early today? Mrs. Cooper said that you went out at around seven in the morning,” Mike said in an attempt to lighten up the mood.

“Avery called me this morning and I didn’t pick up because my phone was on silent mode. She went out early to look for me because she was worried about me,” Tammy explained.

“Oh, I was wondering why she left without telling me!” Mike studied Tammy’s face and said, ” Did you cry, Tammy? Your eyes are all swollen.”

Chad glared at him. “Shut up if you don’t know what’s the right thing to say.”

“Oh. Today’s the best day for fun, why are you all looking so sad…” Mike continued.

Chad stared daggers at him. “Shut up already!” Mike took a deep breath and took out his phone to play games reluctantly.

Tammy turned her attention to Ben and said, “Ben, you must have really enjoyed the show when Jun brought his fiancé to come to say hi to me during Elliot’s wedding, right?”

“Huh? I wasn’t enjoying any show!” “The woman he brought in front of me isn’t even the same woman as the one in the wedding photos! Do you all take me for a fool?” Tammy felt extremely offended. “Oh, that! I told him off about it that time.”

“Why didn’t you tell me about it, then?” Tammy complained.

“Was it important? I didn’t think so. You two are divorced, so what difference does it make when it comes to whoever he marries?” Ben was adding fuel to the fire. “Ben, stop talking already!” Chad noticed that Tammy was about to explode and immediately interfered.

Ben took a sip of water, before taking out his phone as well. Avery felt as though she was suffocating under the atmosphere and subconsciously reached out for the pistachios, before starting to deshell them.

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