When His Eyes Opened Chapter 904

She felt dazed.

They were sitting right next to one another, was it necessary to chat through messages?

After sending Avery the message, Elliot opened the chat group while waiting for her to reply.

Tammy is so fierce! What kind of script is that? If this is a TV show, I am definitely going to call whoever directed it a mad man; but why do those words sound so romantic coming out of Tammy’s mouth?’ Ben typed.

*Jun knows Tammy best, after all! Does this mean we need to make a transaction to Jun now?’ Chad typed.

Jun has earned a fortune this time!’ Ben replied. ‘Mike is asking me to add him into this group. Should I?’ Chad asked. ‘You must want it for you to even ask. Go ahead and tell him to send money to Jun as well!’

‘System notification: Mike has entered the chat.’

Mike sent an animated picture of himself after entering the chat group and no one could dream of being as coquettish as he was.

Elliot, Ben, and Chad all made transactions to the group. Mike had not expected to be welcomed by so much money upon entering the group and was instantly overjoyed. He clicked on each of the transactions and took them for himself.

‘F*ck! Who told you to accept those?! Those are for Jun! @Mike’ Chad typed. Mike’s expression was filled with disbelief. ‘Hmph! It’s mine now! You can all send him money again! You three are the president, the Chief Financial Officer, and the president’s assistant of Sterling Group, you can’t possibly be this stingy, can you?! @Elliot’

Elliot immediately made another transaction.

‘As expected of the professional nut deshelled, you sure are fast when it comes to sending money! I wonder if you are this fast in bed as well.’

System notification: A member has been removed.’

Chad kicked Mike out of the group mercilessly. After being kicked out of the group, Mike was furious so he sent Avery ale message.

‘Avery, the guys created a chat group and are talking about you in there!’

Avery saw the message and immediately turned to stare at Elliot.

Sensing her eyes on him, Elliot set his phone down and met her eyes.

Meanwhile, Tammy and Jun were looking into one another’s eyes on stage.

Everyone thought that Jun would follow Tammy soon, but the reality was different from what they had imagined

“What makes you think I would go with you, Tammy Lynch?! You can just say you regret it? Who do you take me for?” Jun said proudly, “Back when we were together, I listened to you all the time, but it doesn’t mean that you are right about everything! It’s just because I love you that I stood by your actions, even when you were wrong!” “Then keep loving me!” Tammy felt a lump in her throat and shouted.

Everyone below the stage burst into laughter.

“Just look at you, Tammy Lynch! You are still as arrogant as ever. You have no respect for my ego!” Jun broke free from her hand and said, “You were the one who insisted on divorcing me and wouldn’t listen no matter how hard I begged. Now, you are asking me to ignore all your mistakes just because you say so? Impossible!”

“I’m sorry!” Tammy broke down in tears. “I apologize to you, Jun Hertz! I apologize, okay?” Avery’s heart ached when she heard Tammy crying. Just then, the screen of her phone lit up once again from another message Elliot sent her. ‘I can apologize to you in public as well.’

Avery’s face burned and swiftly moved her fingers across the screen to type. ‘Go ahead if you want to embarrass yourself. Don’t drag me along.’

She didn’t think that what was happening between Jun and Tammy was embarrassing; everyone had their own ways to handle issues and there were different degrees to what people could accept.

She did not enjoy having her family and friends as audiences for her private matters. Jun took the microphone from the emcee and said, “Tammy Lynch, if we get back together, are you going to divorce me again?!”

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