When His Eyes Opened Chapter 908

If only his father was an ordinary father like any other, he would not have become Elliot Foster, known for being ferocious and cruel.

Avery stared at him dazedly, unable to say a word.

She had never imagined that behind his seemingly successful life, hid such a miserable past. She had thought that she had it hard enough after her father’s affair, her parents’ divorce and being bullied by her step-mother, she hadn’t expected that Elliot had it worse than her.

Her misery was on the outside and everyone knew about it; whereas his could only be hidden away within his heart.

“Don’t look at me like that, Avery.” He scowled. “I don’t need your pity.”

She shook her head. “I’m not pitying you. I am just thinking if we would have saved all the trouble if only you had told me this earlier.”

“My personality made it impossible for me to tell you any earlier than this,” he said as he strolled forward. “My love for you accumulated day after day until it reached a certain level, before I could completely open up to you. Avery Tate, I want to be with you; not because of the children or out of impulse.”

“I hate this about you,” she complained, “I’ve told you everything about me in the first year we started seeing each other, yet you have been keeping secrets. You say that you didn’t

understand the concept of true love until now, when our children are almost at my height. How ridiculous is that? Why don’t you wait and tell me all that when I am old and gray?”

He turned around to look at her. “I’m sorry.”

“Apologizing means nothing. It doesn’t make me feel any better and it only reminds me of how broken-hearted your fickleness has left me.” She handed him his jacket and continued,” The new heels are hurting my feet. I should head home now.”

She bought those heels when she went shopping with Tammy the last time. They felt comfortable when she tried them on at the time, but she just realized they didn’t fit after walking some distance in them. It was just like how a couple would attract one another with their strengths, before finally realizing each other’s’ shortcomings in the long run.

“Avery, do you really think that I am a fickle man?” He asked.

“Believe it or not, Elliot, your absence would have saved me from ninety percent of the pain and trouble I’ve suffered so far,” Avery said with certainty, “Of course, the kids are exceptions.

“You are right, but to me, I have not been heartless to you. Other than Shea, you are the one woman that I care most for.” With that, he strode off. Avery was stunned for a moment, thinking, ‘He left just like that? Is he angry? He said that he cares for me and now he is leaving me on the street? I just mentioned that the heels are

hurting my feet and he intends on just letting me walk back to the hotel? Though, I wouldn’t have let him carry me back even if he proposed to do so…’

Avery sighed a heavy breath and took out her phone to find a message from Tammy. ‘Avery, I feel like the colors have finally returned to my world. I knew the gods wouldn’t be this cruel to me. Jun is still the man I know. He didn’t abandon me. I won’t act rashly ever again.’

‘Yeah! What are you doing now?’ Avery replied. ‘We are back at our place together. I am cleaning up the room. Jun and Ben are chatting in the living room.’

‘You are cleaning on your own? Get the maid to do it! ‘I asked to clean myself. Regaining what I’ve lost felt like winning the lottery, you know?’

Avery could not understand the feeling Tammy was speaking of because her relationship with Elliot was stuck and rather awkward. ‘Why are you replying to my message though? Aren’t you with Elliot? You two are not together?’ Tammy asked. ‘He left and I am getting ready to go home.’ Avery replied.

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