When His Eyes Opened Chapter 911

“Uncle Eric, I wanted to call Aunt Tammy.” Layla passed Avery’s phone to Eric. “Call her for me.”

Eric smiled. “I have Aunt Tammy’s contact, put your mother’s phone back.”

“What if she doesn’t answer your call? She is the closest to Mommy. If we call her using Mommy’s phone, she will surely answer.” Layla insisted. She even unlocked Avery’s phone herself.

Eric gave in to her. He accepted Avery’s phone from Layla. Before he opened her contacts, he noticed a red dot on her message icon. He wanted to open it to have a look, but reason told him that it was wrong to look at other people’s private messages without their permission.

He found Tammy’s number in her contacts and dialed. He put the call in loudspeaker mode.

Soon, Tammy picked up. “Aunt Tammy! It’s me!” Layla’s tone was crisp and sweet. “Mommy is asleep. I just wanted to know if you’re doing fine?” When Tammy heard Layla’s concerns, her eyes reddened immediately. “Layla, I didn’t love you for nothing.”

“Hmm! I wanted to go with Mommy, but I didn’t want to see Uncle Jun! He has crossed the line. He made you sad. He is a bad person!”

On the other end of the line, Jun was almost in tears, “Layla, babe. I’m very sad to hear you say that. I have reconciled with your Aunt Tammy.”

Layla was a little stunned.

Tammy chuckled. “Layla, I’m all good with Uncle Jun. Although there are some places where he was wrong, I made mistakes too.” “Oh.” Layla quickly adjusted her mood.

She smiled. “Aunt Tammy, as long as you’re happy! If Uncle Jun bullies you again, tell me! I’ll call him and scold him!” “Okay.” After the call, Layla looked at the phone.

She tapped on the message icon. When she saw the name Elliot Foster, she immediately clicked to see the chat. Eric smiled and said, “Layla, do you always secretly play with your mother’s phone like that?

“Hehe, I only look at it occasionally! I just want to see if she is chatting with Daddy.” Layla smiled widely. “She is chatting with Daddy again. Although I don’t know what they are talking about, at least they are still talking with each other.

That means they haven’t cut ties.” Layla entered the bedroom and secretly placed Avery’s phone back. When Avery woke up, it was dark outside. She sat up in alarm and picked up her phone to look at the time.

She slapped her forehead! She slept until seven in the evening. She quickly got off the bed and went to the living area.

The children were playing in the living area. Sounds were coming from the dining hall. “Mommy, Uncle Eric is having dinner with us. He bought Hayden and me a lot of presents today.” Layla pointed at the shopping bags. Avery nodded and headed to the dining hall. Mike was chatting with Elliot. “Avery, you’re up! Go have your meal. The food’s probably cold.

I’ll go reheat it.” Mrs. Cooper saw her and immediately went to reheat the food. Avery sat down by the dining table. She said to Eric, “He didn’t force you to drink right?” Eric shook his head. “He’s drinking. I’m having fruit juice.”

“Avery, what happened to the most basic trust between us?” Mike said in dissatisfaction. “If I were to force him to drink, Layla would be the first one to say no to it.”

Avery was relieved. “Right, about you and Elliot, I heard what Ben said.” Mike looked at Avery pitifully. “Don’t be too sad. Out with the old and in with the new. Elliot is not the only man on this earth…”

“What are you talking about?” Avery furrowed her brows. Her heart constricted tightly. Mike said, “Ben said that Elliot has thought about it. He feels that you two are incompatible, so he has decided to not be hung up on you anymore.”

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