When His Eyes Opened Chapter 912

Avery’s heart sank

They were incompatible with each other.

Did Ben say that or Elliot?

Elliot decided not to get entangled with her. In that case, it must be him that felt that they were incompatible with each other which was why he told Ben that!

“Avery, why are you in a daze? Did I say something wrong again?” Mike was a little nervous.” Chad was there too. He could be the witness that Ben really said that.”

“I do believe you.” Avery picked up her utensils. She quickly collected her thoughts, “Since he finds us incompatible, then I’ll respect his opinion!” “Oh, why do I sense a hint of disappointment in your tone? Don’t you hate him?

Since he has decided not to get hung up over you, shouldn’t you be happy?” Mike never knew when to hold his tongue.

It was not like he had never been in love. Of course, he knew why Avery was disappointed.

Avery hated Elliot because Elliot did not relieve her of her anger. If Elliot were to continue coaxing her, once her anger subsided, she could continue to be in love with him.

Avery never expected that Elliot would decide to give up on this so-called mistaken relationship

“Whether she is happy or not, this is her own private matter. Mind your own business.” Eric said to shut Mike up.

“I’m just worried she will regret it, okay?” Mike raised his wine glass and took a sip.

“Since Elliot has decided not to get entangled with her, what could Avery do if she regrets it?” Eric hit the nail on the head. “You don’t have to mock her. If you think that Elliot is great, you can still keep in touch with him.”

Mike was suddenly at a loss for words.

“Avery, don’t let men affect your mood.” Eric looked at her tenderly and consoled, “Hayden and Layla’s birthday is coming up soon. I asked Layla just now. She said she wants a party.”

Avery nodded. “When are you free? Let’s find a time when you’re available.” “I have already kept the date of their birthday free.”

“Eric, you’re so considerate and meticulous. If it wasn’t for your reminder, I would have forgotten that it was almost their birthday.” Avery was touched.

“Layla was the one who told me. She said her birthday was coming soon. Don’t think that the children are still young, she actually knows a lot,” Eric said, “They also know about how you and Elliot constantly fight.” Avery lowered her gaze. Her lashes fluttered. “Hmm, perhaps we are really incompatible .

If not, we would not have always gotten into fights. Him and I this way would indeed affect the children.”

Mrs. Cooper served the reheated dishes and placed them in front of Avery.

Avery had a few bites when Mike asked, “If you’re sure about holding a party, I’ll go make some reservations.”

Avery replied, “Hmm. I didn’t throw a birthday party for them last year. Now that they’re in school, I have to do a proper one for them this year.”

“Leave this to me! But…are you going to invite Elliot? Although you two have already split up, he still is the children’s father,” Mike had to get to the bottom of this. If not, Chad would ask him about this later.

“So what if he is the father of the children? Has he ever cared for them one day in his life?” Eric said, “Since he has decided not to get entangled with her, then he should cut ties completely.”

Avery said, “Eric is right. Since he has already made up his mind. He is surely prepared not to contact us anymore. If I invited him, it would only annoy him further.” Mike thought to himself, ‘Elliot said that he doesn’t want to get hung up over you, surely that doesn’t mean he would be so cruel that he wouldn’t even acknowledge his kids, right?’

After her meal, Avery went to the living area to ask the children what they wanted as their birthday presents.

“Mommy! I want you to love me even more!” Layla suggested this as her present.

Hayden replied, “Mommy, you have to love yourself even more.” Avery took a deep breath and smiled. “You two make me feel like the happiest person on earth.

“Mommy, will there be a lot of people at our birthday party?” Layla started looking forward to the party.

“Do you want to invite your classmates?” Avery asked. Layla shook her head. “I’m not close to them yet! Let’s invite Hayden’s classmates!”

Avery looked at Hayden. “Hayden, I heard from your teacher that you are close to Daniel. Let’s invite him!”

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