When His Eyes Opened Chapter 913

Hayden said, “I’m equally close to all of my classmates.” Avery thought for a while before saying, “Then, let’s invite them all! After all, your class isn’t that big.” Layla exclaimed, “Oh yeah! It’s more fun with more people!” Hayden saw how happy Layla was. He could not bear to burst her bubble.

After Eric left, Avery and Mike set the first draft of the guest list.

“Avery. Chad would surely want to come. You have to invite Jun too. If we invite Ben and only not invite Elliot, will he feel that we are deliberately picking on him?” Mike offered his opinion, “Why don’t we not invite Ben too?”

Avery’s temples hurt. It was initially a happy occasion, but because of her relationship with Elliot, it became so painful.

“I’ll let you handle this!” Avery said and left to see the children. Mike sent a message to Chad, explaining the situation to him and asking for his opinion.

(Chad: Mr. Foster said that he doesn’t want to get entangled with her only because he did not want to annoy her further, right?

He didn’t say anything about cutting ties with the children?] (Mike: I feel so too, but that baby face Eric kept persuading Avery to not invite Elliot.] (Chad: You better do some soul-searching. You and Eric are her patient.

Why would she prefer to listen to Eric? You are the one staying with her!] (Mike: F*ck! How are you blaming me for this?] Chad was silent for a while. After calming down, he replied to Mike’s message, (Don’t invite Ben. If not, you’ve invited everyone except Mr. Foster. He would surely be disappointed!)

(Mike: Ok!]

(Chad: Don’t spread the word about this yet! What if Avery suddenly changes her mind before the birthday party?)

(Mike: Sure, go worry about your precious boss. I never saw you being so concerned for me before.)

(Chad: F*ck off!)

At ten at night, Avery returned to her bedroom.

The three children were asleep. It was strangely quiet.

She could hear her own heartbeat. She slept through the evening, so she was wide awake at that moment. She was also extremely confused.

She did fight with Elliot that day, but after he came clean to her, she did not say any harsh words to him. She merely said that she needed time to digest what he told her.

Did that hurt him?

Did he think that she did not forgive him immediately because she could not accept his past, so he thought they were incompatible? Avery sighed. They ended too abruptly!

She was a little disappointed as if she was in a dream. Since it was Ben who said it, then it would not be wrong.

It was as if her bones were removed. She lay on the bed like jelly.

She opened her eyes and looked at the ceiling. Her mind was blank. Nothing could pique her excitement.

A long time later, her phone rang. She was pulled back to reality.

She found her phone and answered the call. Sobs came from the other end of the line!

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