When His Eyes Opened Chapter 915

(Chad: You’ll be fine.)

(Ben: You can do it. )

[Elliot: Yes!)

(Jun: Thank you for being here for me. I feel much better now. Tammy seemed to have stopped crying. Avery sure is great.) Suddenly, everyone stopped chatting. (Jun: What’s going on? Has Avery become a banned topic? It’s unnecessary , no? Even if she has split up with Elliot, we are still friends!) (Chad: Good night.)

[Ben: Good night.] [Elliot: Hmm. @Jun] [Jun: Elliot, I’ll go to check on Tammy. Rest well.]

Jun sent the message and placed his phone down. He walked over to the bedroom. In the bedroom, Avery and Tammy lay in bed. They were chatting in soft tones with each other, as close as sisters.

Jun immediately left the room and gently closed the door. Since Tammy and Avery were extremely close, no matter how badly Elliot and Avery fought, Jun was always a little biased toward Avery.

Although Tammy was quite spoiled, she was kind. Since she could be so close to Avery, that meant that Avery was also a kind woman.

The next morning, Avery brought Tammy to the hospital. After registering with the gynecology department, Tammy went for a routine gynecological examination. Avery and Jun were waiting for her outside.

“Avery, thank you!” Jun passed a bottle of water to her. “I think Tammy needs a therapist.”

Avery accepted the bottle of water. “Let’s see her body’s situation first! She thinks that her body is unhealthy.”

“The last time after she was discharged, the doctor told her that she had to care for her body. After the divorce, I don’t know if she did that or not.” Jun’s expressions were serious.

“She drank quite a lot. You have to look after her in the future. Don’t let her drink so much anymore.” Avery said.

“Hmm. Are you busy today? If you’re busy, you can leave. She looks better today. I think it would be fine if I’m with her,” Jun said, “Or I could get her mother over.”

“I’m free. I’ll wait for her results, then we’ll see.”

Tammy went through a series of checkups. After that, the three of them waited for the results in the hospital.

Avery’s phone rang. When she saw that it was a call from Mike, she did not avoid it. She immediately answered the call.

“Avery, I booked the biggest banquet hall at the Regency Hotel,” Mike reported the progress to her. “Are you going to decide on the menu or am I doing it? By the way, where are you right now? Are you still at Jun’s?”

“No. I’m at the hospital. Why don’t you decide on the menu! There will be more kids then. See if you want to do two menus or mix them,” Avery said. “Okay. How is Tammy? Is she alright?”

Avery replied, “Hmm. I’ll hang up if there isn’t anything else.” She hung up. Tammy and Jun were both looking at her.

“What did you talk to Mike about?” Tammy asked.

“Hayden and Layla’s birthday is in half a month. I plan to throw a party for them. I was about to come to inform you two today initially,” Avery said with a smile.

Half an hour later, Tammy’s results were out. Avery looked at the results and said, “Tammy, your body is fine. You were so afraid, it’s all psychological. Why don’t we see a therapist?”

Tammy shook her head. “I’ll try to do it on my own! If I really can’t, then I’ll see a psychologist.” “Hmm. If there are any problems, you have to let me know,” Avery said.

Half an hour later, at the Sterling Group.

There was a new message notification on Elliot’s phone. He opened the message and saw Jun asking everyone in the group what birthday presents they were planning on giving Hayden and Layla.

He furrowed his brows. His children’s birthdays were coming up, yet he found out about it through others. He was an incompetent father!

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