When His Eyes Opened Chapter 916

When Chad saw Jun’s message, he immediately called Jun, “Jun! Delete that message!”

Jun said, “Why? I didn’t talk about Avery. Can I not talk about Hayden and Layla too?”

“No! Avery isn’t planning on inviting Mr. Foster, so don’t talk about this in the group.” Chad took a deep breath. “Don’t you find this absurd!”

“Yes! Absolutely absurd!” Jun touched his nose. “But I think there is a reason why Avery is doing this. I’ll delete the message in the group first.”

Jun hung up and opened the group chat. (Ben: When is Hayden and Layla’s birthday? Get Avery to throw them a party! If she finds it troublesome, let Elliot do it!]

Jun secretly deleted his message. Although he knew it was pointless. Ben saw it, which meant that Elliot saw it too.

(Ben: Why did you delete the message? @Jun] Jun saw the message but did not dare to reply. (Chad: Ben, I heard that Avery is planning to throw her children a birthday party. We don’t have to worry about this.] (Ben: Oh. Jun. Why did you delete the message? @Jun]

Jun wanted to brush this off with a lie, but he could not find a proper reason no matter how hard he tried. He decided to ignore Ben’s message.

Avery came out of the hospital and realized that she was still in her pajamas. The weather that day was great. There was no wind. It was much warmer than the day before.

She hailed a taxi and told the driver her house address.

Once she was in the taxi, she looked at the news on her phone. (First Public Appearance of Chelsea Tierney, New Head of Trust Capital. Reiterates That She and Elliot Foster Are Just Friends.)

Avery tapped the headline and saw a photo of Chelsea wearing a mask. If she did not see her face after it was ruined, it was hard to imagine that she was the Chelsea she knew back then.

Avery thought about the first time she met Chelsea on a night seven years ago.

Back then, Avery had just gotten to know Elliot. They were both like ice and fire, Chelsea and Elliot on the other hand were sitting affectionately together on the sofa. They were clearly a better pair.

When she saw Chelsea, her first impression was that Chelsea was such a cold and sexy woman! She was a great match for Elliot!

Avery was ashamed of herself. She felt that Chelsea should be the real Mrs. Foster.

It was a pity that although Chelsea was beautiful, she had a vicious heart. That night, Chelsea provoked and intimidated her. It was not that she was not scared of Chelsea, but she did not know where she found the courage to smash a bottle of wine to force Chelsea back

Perhaps, from that moment onward, her end with Chelsea was already predetermined. When Avery returned home, she changed into her pajamas. Mrs. Cooper brought Robert into her room. “Avery, is Tammy alright?”

“Her body is alright, but mentally she needs some time to get better.” Avery paused for a few seconds before asking, “When did you start working for the Fosters?”

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