When His Eyes Opened Chapter 923

At that moment, a huge hand patted Ben on his shoulders from behind.

Ben pursed his lips. His body stiffened. He slowly turned around, “Ben, Mr. Foster doesn’t like noise. Please be quieter,” Elliot’s bodyguard gently reminded him.

Ben could see Elliot’s darkened expression from nearby. He felt as if someone had shot him in the knee. He wanted to kneel on the ground.

He was bad-mouthing Avery and their relationship so loudly just now. Elliot must have heard it! He must have! “Elliot!” Ben forced a wide and apologetic smile. “F*ck off!” Elliot spat. The bodyguard immediately got Ben to leave.

Ben got in the car. He sighed.

“Ben.” Chad’s voice came from his phone. At that moment, Ben realized that he did not hang up the call! When Elliot chased him away just now, Chad heard it all.

Sigh! His ego is now deeply bruised. “Are you going to laugh at me?” Ben was bitterly upset. “No, but you should consider my suggestion seriously. Avery is quite nice.

You haven’t spent much time with her, so you might have some prejudice against her.” Chad was often at Avery’s.

On top of that, Mike always brought her up in front of him. Furthermore, Chad liked her children a lot, so he liked Avery quite a bit.

She was different from other women. Even if she were to meet a man stronger than her, she would never easily bow down. “I don’t have prejudice against her! Chad, you don’t understand. I only think that they are hurting each other whenever they are together. I would rather rip the band-aid off quickly!

They should just split up, but this won’t affect the fact that they are still my friends!” Ben explained.

“They don’t see it that way.” Chad could not help but smile. “Don’t talk about this in front of them in the future. If not, the next time would not just be a punishment in exile.”

Ben was speechless. He could not sleep that night. After a sleepless night, he decided to apologize to Avery. He did not want to go on that business trip, so he decided to bow down.

He drove to Starry River Villa.

In the villa, the servants were caring for the children, washing them up, and preparing their breakfast. It was a busy affair.

Ben entered the living area and asked Mrs. Cooper, “Is Avery not up yet? I’m looking for her?”

Mrs. Cooper replied, “Avery left. She went to Bridgedale.”

Ben was stunned.

Mrs. Cooper said, “Why are you looking for her? Is it important? Try her phone. Perhaps she hasn’t boarded the flight yet!”

Ben said, “Forget about it. Since she’s going abroad, I won’t bother her.” Mrs. Cooper got Ben to stay for breakfast. Ben took her up on her offer and directly headed to the dining hall.

“Mrs. Cooper, why is Avery going to Bridgedale?”

“I don’t know, but she said she’ll be back soon,” Mrs. Cooper said. Ben picked his phone up and sent Elliot a message. (Avery has gone to the airport. She’s leaving for Bridgedale.) Elliot just woke up when he saw the message.

His heart started beating wildly. He was afraid that Avery was going to run away again! At the airport, Avery was in line, about to go through security. When she saw Elliot’s call, she hesitated for a while before picking up.

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