When His Eyes Opened Chapter 924

“Avery, what are you doing?” Elliot’s voice was hoarse and cold. Avery could hear that Elliot had just gotten up because his tone was rather emotional.

“I’m going to Bridgedale to tend to something.” Avery went past security and headed inside.” It’s early. Who told you I’m going abroad?”

Elliot did not answer her question, but asked, “It’s almost the children’s birthday. Do you have to go to Bridgedale now? Is there something urgent?” If it was as usual, Avery might have said that he was being nosy.

However, at that moment, she was strangely calm. She did not want to fight with him over such a small thing. Elliot was asking her all these questions out of concern.

“It’s nothing urgent,” Avery said calmly, “Elliot, these are my private affairs. I don’t need to tell you. I will be back before the children’s birthday.”

Elliot rubbed the middle of his brow. He calmed down. “As long as you’re fine.”

“Hmm, go back to bed. I’m about to board.” Avery lowered her gaze. She thought about how long has she not spoken to him properly in that way. Their go-to method was always using the harshest words on each other. “Okay.”

After the call, he flipped the covers and got off the bed. He strode into the washroom. He turned on the tap and splashed cold water on his face. He looked at himself in the mirror in a daze.

The water droplets flowed down his face, drip by drip!

Turns out, that when one cares for another person, they cannot hide it. When he called her just now, he never considered that they were still not on speaking terms. He also did not consider whether she would pick up his call or not.

Neither did he think about what would happen to his dignity if she did not pick up his call. Fortunately, she did not reject his call or blame him for meddling in her affairs. After more than ten hours, the plane landed in Bridgedale.

When Avery came out of the airport, she initially decided to head straight to Adrian’s house, but she thought that it was still early. It would be rude to head over there. She might even disturb their rest. Thus, Avery returned home. She showered and changed into a clean set of clothes before ordering takeout.

While waiting for takeout, she called Mike to tell him about her arrival. “Avery, after you left this morning, Ben came to look for you at home,” Mike said, “He came to apologize. He did not intend to drive a wedge between you two…” “I know he didn’t mean to do it. He was doing it for Elliot.” Avery rubbed her temples. Due to the time difference, she was quite tired.

“He said it was for your good too! Hahaha!” Mike could not help but laugh. “He said he has never seen a couple like you two, tormenting each other for seven years. I thought about it, and he seems to make sense.”

Avery pursed her lips. She did not know how to reply. “But looking at how you two can drive each other crazy and yet still cannot forget each other, perhaps you two are destined to be! If it were for other couples, I think they would have long given up.” “Stop mocking me.” Avery took a cup to get some water.

“By the way, tell Ben that I don’t blame him. He doesn’t need to apologize to me.” “Hahaha! He doesn’t want to apologize to you either. Elliot is angry at him, sending him to exile. He is coming to you for help due to desperation. He wants you to put in a good word for him.”

“Impossible,” Avery said and hung up. She did not want to interfere with their friendship! A moment later, the takeout arrived. Avery had breakfast and she felt better. At ten in the morning, she went to the garage to get her car and drove to the Whites. She thought about the time after she met Adrian.

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