When His Eyes Opened Chapter 931

Avery was confused. “Didn’t you say you like Hayden the most?”

“Yes! I do like Hayden the best, but I only want to play for Robert, because Robert wouldn’t know if I played it wrongly,” Layla explained.

Avery smiled. “Hayden doesn’t know if you played it wrongly or not too! He doesn’t know how to play the piano.”

Layla was stunned. “Oh, you’re right! I thought that Hayden was a superhero. He knows how to do everything! Hehe!”

Then, she happily pulled Hayden upstairs. Avery smiled helplessly.

“Avery, didn’t you say you were dealing with the time difference? Go shower and get some rest,” Mrs. Cooper said.


Avery returned to her bedroom and went to her closet to take her pajamas,

Her abdomen was in sudden throbbing pain. She immediately held onto the closet door for support and slowly bent her back. She gasped for air and her face instantly turned pale!

Although she was in a lot of pain, she was not afraid. That was because the pain was familiar to her.

After giving birth, she has not had her period. The pain in the abdomen was because of her period.

On the plane, she felt tightness in her chest and her abdomen. Back then, she thought it was because she did not rest well. She never thought it was because her period came.

Once the pain subsided a little, she immediately headed to the bathroom.

At Elliot’s house. After the shower, he held Hayden’s present in his hands to have a look The present was a smart cartoon robot tiger because Hayden liked tigers, so Elliot picked this robot.

The day when he and Ben went shopping for presents, they walked around the science museum for a long time but found no suitable presents. In the end, he ordered this robot online. It was delivered only the day before. Elliot turned on the robot and it immediately said, “Master, good evening. What can Tiggie do for you?”

Elliot said, “Can you make my son happy?” Tiggie said, “Of course! Not only do I know how to sing and tell a story, but I tell jokes too!”

Elliot asked, “My son is seven years old. What do you think he will like?”.

Tiggie was silent for a while before replying, “His mother!”

Elliot was speechless. He had bought the right robot. It was indeed quite smart. The robot knew that a seven-year-old child would like his mother the most.

He wondered if Hayden would like this present. The next day, Elliot brought the presents to Tate Industries. He planned on passing them to Avery.

When the receptionist saw Elliot, she was extremely excited. “Mr. Foster, Miss Tate is not coming to the office today. You can call to get her, or I could help you too.”

Elliot said, “Then, please help me to call her.” The receptionist immediately picked up the phone and dialed Avery.

Two minutes later, the receptionist put the phone down with a blush on her face. She said to Elliot, “Mr. Foster, Miss Tate said that she won’t come to the office today.”

The receptionist paused for a while before adding. “She has her period today. Her tummy hurts.”

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