When His Eyes Opened Chapter 932

At the Starry River Villa, Avery was in her bed, feeling listless. That morning, since her abdomen was in so much pain, she took a painkiller. Previously, whenever she took painkillers, the pain would quickly stop. However, that day, her abdomen was extremely painful. After taking painkillers, it only subsided a little, so she did not go to work that day.

In such a situation, even being in bed was uncomfortable for her, let alone going to work

After the call with her receptionist, she got down from the bed. She wanted to drink some hot water.

She went to the living area and saw Mrs. Cooper hanging up her call frantically. “Avery, why are you out of bed?” Mrs. Cooper asked worriedly. “If you’re not feeling well, you should rest in bed.”

“I’m a little thirsty,” Avery said, “I’m feeling much better compared to this morning.” “I’ll bring you a thermos of hot water.” Mrs. Cooper went to look for the thermos. “By the way, Master Foster called just now. He said he was coming over.”

Avery was exhausted and feeling unwell, so she did not have much reaction when she heard this piece of news.

“He bought Hayden and Layla presents. He wants to pass it to you to give to the children,” Mrs. Cooper explained. “He told me about this yesterday.” Avery accepted the cup of water, carrying it in her hands to warm them up. “No wonder the receptionist called me. I guessed he must have gone to the office to look for me.”

“Hmm. Avery, do you want to get him to stay for lunch? The children are not at home. It should be fine,” Mrs. Cooper said. Avery said confusedly, “It’s still too early for lunch, right?” “It’s almost ten already. When he arrives, it should be around ten-thirty. He likes my cooking.

I haven’t made a meal for him in a long time,” Mrs. Cooper said what she truly felt, “He treated me well when I was working for him.” Avery gave in. “Hmm, I’ll go lie down.” 20 minutes later, Elliot’s cár arrived at the Starry Rivered Villa.

He brought the presents into the villa.

“Avery is resting in her room. I’ll go see if she’s still sleeping,” Mrs. Cooper said and quickly headed to the master bedroom. She pushed the door open to have a look inside. If Avery was not asleep, when Mrs. Cooper pushed the door open, she would open her eyes in alarm.

Mrs. Cooper gently closed the door and returned to the living area. “Avery is asleep. She’s feeling unwell today,” Mrs. Cooper said and brought Robert to Elliot.” Master Foster, please look after Robert, I’ll go make lunch. I have already discussed it with Avery. She agreed to have you stay for lunch.”

When Elliot suddenly saw the baby in his arms, his heart melted into a puddle. “Robert, Daddy loves you very much. Do you know that?” Elliot spoke to Robert in a soft voice, “I wish I could carry you every day. If I could be with you every day, I will feel that all the pain I have suffered in the past will be worth it.”

Elliot muttered softly to Robert. At the same time, Robert looked at him with his huge round eyes, chewing on his little hand. “Are you hungry? Shall I make you some milk?” Elliot carried Robert in his arms. He was about to ask Mrs. Cooper if it was time for Robert’s feeding. He merely got up from the sofa when he saw Avery standing behind him. She had heard what he said to Robert a moment ago.

She was rather heartbroken. On one hand, she felt a little pity for him. On the other hand, it would be rather hard for her to accept him immediately, so she could only watch. “You don’t look well.” Elliot furrowed his brows at her pale face. “Did I wake you up?” “I wasn’t asleep.” Avery walked to him and looked at Robert.

“Robert likes to bite things at his age. It’s not because he is hungry. If he is hungry, he will cry.” Elliot responded, “Do you want to go back to bed? Have you had painkillers? I remember you never used to have a painful period.” “How was it in the past?” Avery raised her eyebrows and looked at him.

“Even if I was in pain in the past, I might not tell you. Do you think you understand me very well?” Elliot flushed a little. He knew that she was not feeling well, so he would not fight with her.

“Don’t fight in front of the child.” Elliot’s tone was tender. “Don’t underestimate Robert. He understands everything.”

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