When His Eyes Opened Chapter 936

Avery stepped to one side. She immediately dialed Elliot’s number before giving her emotions a chance to calm down.

To her surprise, Elliot answered the phone within seconds.

“I’m fine.” His voice was low and firm. She sighed with relief and asked calmly, “Who set the fire?” “My eldest brother’s driver. He’s been with my eldest brother for many years now.” Avery was overwhelmed with sadness as she looked at the old mansion that had just gone through hell in just one night. Why burn a house down just because of the enmity that existed between two humans? “Was it under your elder brother’s orders?” She could not help but suspect it was so.

She recalled that Henry and Elliot shared very different personalities, and the former even seemed extraordinarily honest and sincere when compared to Elliot. It boggled her why Henry would even do something so outrageous. “The driver said that it wasn’t the case, but I’m still verifying that.” Elliot then asked hoarsely, “Where are you now?”

“L…” She felt embarrassed to tell him the truth. After all, he might think that she cared about him if he knew that she was there.

“You should go home and rest since you’re not feeling well today.” He did not make her feel awkward.

The fact that she took the initiative to call him was already evidence enough.

“By the way, I gave the children your gifts.” Avery changed the topic to ease the atmosphere.” Layla loved the diamond, but you shouldn’t give her such valuable jewelry in the future.

I don’t think it’s appropriate. You can give as big a diamond as you want, but a child will treat it the same as a stone.”

“As long as my daughter likes it, she can play with it however she wants. What’s wrong with that?”

Avery was speechless.

Elliot then asked, “What about Hayden? Does he like that robot?” “I think he does, but he didn’t want it because it came from you. Layla loves it though. She brought it back to her room.”

Elliot expected it already. “As long as you don’t return it to me.”

“Okay. I’m going back now.” She held the phone and walked toward18 Mike. On the other side of the phone, Elliot’s breathing suddenly increased, “You went to the old

mansion to look for me? Why aren’t you keen on giving me another chance if I still have a place in your heart, Avery?” Avery clenched her fingers tightly around the phone. She had a slip of the tongue and was too careless earlier. “Okay, you should head back! I’ll look for you when I’m done with all this,” he said.

“Why do you need to look for me? Isn’t it fine to just keep things as it is?” She retorted. After being silent for a few seconds, he decided to be true to himself and tell her his inner thoughts. “I want to take the next step with you.” “Anything’s possible in your dreams,” she sneered, then hung up. Mike crossed his arms and watched her walk over after speaking on the phone. “Elliot’s fine, it seems. I knew that he won’t die that easily.”

“He’s human too. Why wouldn’t he die that easily?” Avery’s hair was messy due to the blowing wind and she tucked a lock of hair behind her ears. “Isn’t there a saying that only the good die young?” “Don’t misuse those sayings.” Avery felt a little cold at that moment because she had rushed out of the house without wearing a coat.

Mike was not wearing one either, and he was shivering from the cold too. “How about we hug each other to warm ourselves up?” he suggested. Avery glared at him. “Are all men this shameless? Do you guys have to verbalize your thoughts all the time?”

“Ooooh, someone’s angry! Did Elliot say something shameless to you? I can think of no other explanation for why you would lump all men into one category.” Avery pursed her lips and did not answer.

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