When His Eyes Opened Chapter 937

However, when she recalled Elliot’s words, she could feel as if a fire was burning in her heart and dispelling the coldness.

At the police station, Henry came as soon as he received a call from the authorities.

The first person he saw when he entered was Elliot, and he immediately lowered his head.

“This is the situation, Mr. Foster. Your driver set fire to the old mansion earlier tonight. Do you know anything about this?” a police officer asked Henry.

Henry shook his head. “Not at all. I gave him a severance payment a few days ago, and we haven’t been in contact since then.” After a pause, he continued, “I need to explain everything to my brother!”

The police officer glanced at Elliot and excused himself when he saw that Elliot did not object to Henry’s suggestion.

Henry walked up to Elliot and explained, “Elliot, please let Joseph go! He’s been my driver for more than half his life! He has been with me since he was still young! It’s because of his loyalty to me that he did what he did. I would’ve stopped him if I knew he was planning this.”

Elliot was unmoved.

“How about this, I’ll pay to repair and maintain the old mansion,” Henry tried negotiating. “I didn’t order him to do this. If my intentions were truly malicious, I would’ve burned your place instead of the old mansion, since it’s basically an empty house with nothing inside.”

Elliot looked at Henry’s exhausted face and opened his thin lips to say, “I’ll believe you…for now. You need to restore the old mansion to its original state or I won’t let Joseph go.”

“Okay.” Henry’s expression was solemn. He looked like he had something else he wanted to say, but in the end, he merely sighed. “I’ll be going then if that’s all.”

The feud between the two brothers was a very sad sight.

As Henry left, Elliot looked at him from behind and was overwhelmed with compassion as he said, “You should keep the money from the house sale to yourself, Henry. Don’t let your useless son spend it all!”

Henry’s eyes turned red and he felt choked. “Cole isn’t just useless; he’s stupid as hell too. But at the end of the day, he’s still my son. I won’t be able to just wash my hands of him! Aren’t you a father too? You should understand how I feel.”

If Henry told Elliot that in the past, the latter would have found it difficult to understand what the former meant.

At that moment, he sympathized with Henry a little. Elliot’s love for his three children was beyond the control of reason. He was never fixated on the idea that his three children had to be good people. He just wished for them to be healthy and safe.

Who knows what path they might take in the future? They may turn out to be mediocre at best, and stray down the wrong path at worst.

If one of his children did eventually go astray, could he be that cruel as to sever his ties with that child? Perhaps not.

Back at Starry River Villa, Avery took a shower and lay down on the bed, with Elliot’s low pitched voice echoing constantly in her mind.

Had that fire not happened, she would not have inadvertently revealed that she still had feelings for him.

Now that he knew about her feelings, she made herself seem a little too passive.

She unlocked her phone and texted Tammy to complain. (Hey, Tammy. Are you asleep? There was a fire in the old Foster mansion tonight. Did you see the news?] Tammy replied after about five minutes. [I did.]

Avery’s emotions calmed down somewhat when she looked at the two-word reply. Tammy’s mood seemed to be off. Avery sent a message and asked, [Are you and Jun alright?] (Yeah. He didn’t touch me again after that past failure.] [I knew he won’t push you. He loves you very much.) [I love him too. The more time I spend with him, the more I feel like I can’t live without him.)

Tammy’s eyes were moist when she sent that message

Jun was so kind to her, but she could never love him as she did before. She always felt that she was broken and unworthy of him.

The next morning, Avery was woken up by her blaring cell phone. In a daze, she reached out blindly to find it and answered her call.

“Avery! Do you know where Tammy went? She wasn’t at home when I woke up this morning, and her phone was turned off when I tried calling her! I can’t find her anywhere right now! God, I’m going to lose my mind soon!” Jun said anxiously.

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