When His Eyes Opened Chapter 938

Avery sat up from the bed startled after being jolted awake by what she heard. “I have no idea what’s going on with her! She was fine when she slept last night.” Jun’s voice was low and choking as if he was about to cry.

“I have a feeling that she’s hiding on purpose! She definitely regrets it and doesn’t want to be with me anymore! We already agreed to remarry on the seventh of July this year…”

“I texted her last night and she told me she loves you very much,” Avery comforted, “She said that she’s finding it more and more difficult to be separated from you, so I’m confident that she doesn’t have any regrets. I’m sure she won’t want to break up with you either. She probably just went off to do something.”

“If that’s the case, why would she be hiding it from us?” Jun calmed down a little. “Could she have gone to see a psychiatrist?” “It’s not impossible.” Avery got off the bed. “Stay calm, Jun. I’ll find her.” “Where?” Jun could not figure out where Tammy could be. “I recommended a psychiatrist to her the other day, so I’ll check if she went there.”

“Thank you for the trouble. Please inform me as soon as you have any news about her. I’m worried sick right now.”

“I will.”

Avery tried calling Tammy after ending the call with Jun.

The voice prompt stated that she had switched off her phone. Avery opened the messages that they exchanged last night and read them again.

She did not notice anything unusual when they texted each other the previous night, but as soon as she reread the messages, it was obvious that Tammy was unhappy.

There would usually be an influx of emojis if Tammy was in a good mood.

She did not post a single one of them in the previous night’s messages. Avery rued that she had overlooked Tammy’s unhappiness. Tammy might not have gone and hid somewhere if only Avery had realized it the previous night.

After a while, Avery came out of the room and prepared to head out.

Mrs. Cooper stopped her at once after realizing that she did not eat any breakfast. “Are you feeling better today, Avery? Where are you going in such a hurry? Have some breakfast before you do!”

Mrs. Cooper would not have been that worried if Avery was not having that time of the month. “I have no appetite,” Avery said anxiously. “Tammy disappeared to God knows where and I have to find her.”

“What happened? Did she get into an argument with Jun?” Mrs. Cooper frowned. No.”

“You don’t look so good, Avery. You should have something to eat or else I’m the one who’s going to be worried if you leave like this.” Mrs. Cooper took her arm.

“Tammy isn’t a child anymore. She’s probably taking a walk to calm herself down because she’s in a bad mood. Nothing’s going to happen.” Avery corrected her.

“Tammy’s not in a bad mood. Have you heard about post-traumatic stress disorder? It’s a mental illness that often escapes attention.

It might be harmless for a normal person to be in a bad mood, but for Tammy, it could put her life in danger.”

Mrs. Cooper realized that she had said misspoke and immediately apologized. “Okay, Avery. I’ll go get some food and you can eat in the car.”

Trust Capital’s headquarters was in Rosacus City, which was just next to Avonsville.

Chelsea had practically remained in Rosacus City after taking over Trust Capital. One of the reasons was because a clean-up of the headquarters’ personnel was required, and she had not completely started her work yet. The other reason was her disfigurement-she did not want to appear in public too much.

On that day, Chelsea donated to several local charities in the name of Trust Capital. The donation campaign was held in a five-star hotel in the city.

Countless reporters and cameramen had taken their respective places at the venue.

Chelsea walked into view with bodyguards and executives surrounding her. She was clad in a black uniform that streamlined her figure and emphasized her capability, and a blue mask was worn to cover her disfigured face.

As long as she did not show her disfigured face, she could still pretend that she was a normal person!

When she took her seat on the stage, a hotel attendant came over to her with a glass of water. Chelsea looked up at the person and realized that she knew the person!

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