When His Eyes Opened Chapter 943

Elliot was afraid that his daughter would be bullied at school. Although he knew that the probability of such a thing happening is extremely low, he was still worried.

His daughter was too beautiful, and her temper would never be submissive. If no one provoked her, then everything would be fine. If someone provoked her, even if she couldn’t win against others, she will definitely fight back!

So he said a word to the school in private.

“You are such a good father.” Avery teased him.

Elliot: “I know what I’ve done is far from enough. But I’ll try my best.”

Avery looked at Layla and explained, “Your brother will be back later today. Your father went to pick up your auntie during the day, just now It’s hard to come back, so Mommy gave him a meal.”

Layla was explained, ‘Oh’.

Since there is a reasonable explanation, she also put away the barb that her father put up.

“Mom, I like my magic wand so much!”

Layla held Avery’s hand and walked towards the dining room. “I will be the most beautiful little princess tomorrow.”

Avery said, “In my mother’s heart, you will always be there every day. They are all the most beautiful little princesses.”

Layla’s face flushed red after being praised, and she said in high spirits, “Mom, let me tell you a secret!” Having said that, Layla turned her head to look at Elliot.

Layla seemed to fear that he would hear it, and that he would not hear it.

In the end, Layla said the secret in a voice that only Avery and Elliot could hear: “Last night, Hayden dismantled Tiggie!”

Avery looked embarrassed and looked at Elliot apologetically.

Elliot said generously: “It’s okay. The gift is given to him, it’s his, he can do whatever he wants.”

Layla said, “Hayden said Tiggie is too stupid. He can’t stand such a stupid thing in the room. He wants to make Tiggie smart. A little, so it was demolished.”

Avery and Elliot were both speechless.

It turns out that Hayden did not destroy Tiggie, but to upgrade Tiggie.

After Mrs. Cooper brought the food to the table, she took Robert from Elliot’s arms.

Elliot looked at the sumptuous dinner on the table, thinking that Robert only eats milk, and suddenly felt pity: “When can Robert eat? Can I give him meat?”

Avery explained: “Now he can only eat rice paste and batter, vegetable puree, fruit puree.”

Elliot: “Can you eat meat puree?”

“Why do you have to give your children meat?” Avery looked at him puzzled, “Do you think eating meat can make him grow faster and smarter? No matter what you think, he can’t eat meat yet.”

Elliot said his thoughts: “I think meat is delicious.”

“It’s delicious, you eat more.” A bowl of spare ribs was delivered to him.

Elliot said: “Avery, don’t quarrel in front of the children, it’s not good.”

Avery asked Layla: “Baby, do you think your parents are quarreling?”

Layla opened her clear apricot eyes: “How can you two be quarreling? What? It’s obviously the mother who is teaching the father.”

Avery gave her daughter a piece of meat and told her to shut her mouth.

After the warm dinner, Elliot was afraid that Hayden would come back anytime and see that he was not happy, so he didn’t dare to stay longer.

Avery saw that he was so interesting, so he took him to the door.

“Thank you for picking up Tammy today.” She hesitated and thanked him.

“You’re welcome.”

He looked at her unnatural little face and said hoarsely, “See you tomorrow.”

“Well.” She lowered her eyes, turned quickly, returned to the living room, and closed the villa door.

The driver drove the car to him and opened the door for him.

He looked away from the closed villa door and got into the car.

Half an hour later, the black Rolls-Royce slowly drove into the greenway leading to the villa.

Elliot glanced at a black figure outside the villa’s fence, sneaking and suspicious. He immediately lowered the car window, trying to see the face of the man.

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