When His Eyes Opened Chapter 945

Jun’s reaction shocked the two elders of the Hertz family.

Tammy was caught between them, at a loss, not knowing how to ease their relationship.

Just when she was about to say something, Mrs. Hertz sarcastically said, “Son, You are already thirty, and you still consider yourself a child!”

“Even if I am sixty, I am still your son!” Jun argued with scarlet cheeks .

Mrs. Hertz picked up the teacup and drank tea leisurely.

Mr. Hertz sneered, “I agree with your mom that you and Tammy are together, what are you doing with the matter?”

Jun remained silent.

“Tammy, ​​come here. .” Mrs. Hertz looked at Tammy.

Tammy’s heart beat faster and she walked to her mother-in-law.

“Your dad and I have been reflecting on it for the past two days. When you had an accident before, our reaction was really inappropriate. Jun’s persistence has shown us that Jun is responsible, and we are very pleased. At the same time, it also made us aware of it. How selfish we are. Your life is yours and should not be tied by us, so the two of you will live your life well from now on.”

Mrs. Hertz’s words made Tammy’s eyes red.

“But I still want to talk about what happened today. Sweetie, I know you feel bad. For a while, you can’t forget the hurt that happened in the past, but you can’t make fun of your future. If you are like this, you should be worried. You can’t be so impulsive in the future.”

Tammy nodded.

“Dad, Mom, it’s very late. You two should go back to rest first! Tammy, you have to rest too.” Jun invited his parents out.

When he sent his parents away and returned to the living room, he saw Tammy came out with a bottle of red wine.

“Tammy, ​​what are you doing with the wine?” Jun closed the door and strode in front of her, “Don’t you want to drink to celebrate? Let’s celebrate in a different way! Avery said you can’t drink.”

“I’ll drink a little.” Tammy took a goblet and poured a glass of wine, “I’ll drink it, but you don’t have to.”

“Why? If you insist on drinking, I’ll accompany you to drink it!” Jun also took a wine glass.

“Okay, let’s drink together.” Tammy poured him some wine, “Husband, I think if I’m drunk, maybe I won’t be so scared. Let’s try it tonight!”

Jun said as he put down the wine glass, “This wine is not good?”

“Let’s try.”

“Okay, then try.”

The next day, Layla and Hayden’s birthdays came as scheduled.

Layla put on a princess dress early and knocked on Avery’s door.

“Mom! Why haven’t you got up yet? Hayden and I have a birthday today, aren’t you excited at all?” Layla appeared in front of Avery with her hair disheveled.

Avery stayed up late last night to read about the treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder, so she was very sleepy.

“Layla, what time is it?” she asked in a hoarse voice.

“It’s 7 o’clock!” Layla had an exaggerated expression on her face, as if the day was about to end, “Mom, get up soon! Hayden won’t get up. I called him, but he ignored me. woohoo !” Forced to get up.

Not long after, Mrs. Cooper took a package, pushed the door, and walked in.

“Avery, there is a package. I don’t know who sent it.” Mrs. Cooper took the package, walked to the bed, and gave Avery a look, “How about I open it first?”

Avery looked at the package and then frowned.

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