When His Eyes Opened Chapter 946

This was an international package.

She had also received an international package before, and when she opened it, there was Wesley’s finger inside.

It was a nightmare that Avery could never forget in her life. After she took a deep breath, she said to Mrs. Cooper, “Help me unpack it!”

“Okay, I’ll go out to unpack.” Mrs. Cooper took the package and walked out.

Layla liked unpacking the most, so she followed behind Mrs. Cooper, planning to see the contents.

“Layla, come here, mom will comb your hair.” Avery stopped her daughter, “Mrs. Cooper will bring in the contents for us to see later.”

“Okay!” Layla went back to Avery Beside and said whimsically, “Mom, do you think the package might be a birthday present for me and Hayden?”

Avery smiled and said, “Then guess who gave it.”

“I don’t know.” Layla thought about it for a while and had no clue, but she was very determined, “I think it’s a gift for Hayden and me. Because today is Hayden and also my birthday! When can’t that package be delivered? It was delivered today.. ….”

Layla’s thoughts were a little childish, but a little cute.

At this time, Mrs. Cooper came over with the contents of the package: “Avery, it seems to be a birthday present for Layla and Hayden.”

Mrs. Cooper brought the two greeting cards to Avery.

Avery took the greeting card and glanced at it, the expression on her face froze immediately.

“Wow! What a beautiful card! I knew it was a gift for me and Hayden! This little girl’s card must be for me!” Layla took the card from her mother.

A card with a picture of a little girl and a birthday cake.

Another card features a little boy and a birthday cake.

Although there was no text on it, the pictures had it all.

This was indeed a birthday card for Hayden and Layla.

“Bring me the package box.” Avery had some guesses, but she wasn’t sure if it was that person.

Mrs. Cooper immediately went out to get the box.

Soon, the box was handed to Avery.

The package was sent from a very small country.

There is only one shallow English letter in the sender’s column: W.

“It’s Wesley.” Avery whispered.

Mrs. Cooper felt a colicky pain in her heart: “This Wesley is real! Although Shea’s affairs have nothing to do with him, but Robert is so healthy and cute now. The husband will definitely not trouble him, so why does he keep hiding!”

Avery felt a little uncomfortable.

Before Shea’s accident, she always regarded Wesley as her eldest brother. Every time something happened, whether it was happy or sad, she could talk to Wesley one by one.

After Wesley took the initiative to cut off contact with everyone, she felt that her life was missing a piece.

Although Shea was sad, she understood Wesley’s behavior.

Wesley has a good heart, no matter how he treats, he has kindness in his heart.

When he decided to pump Shea’s blood to save Robert, he must have been particularly distressed.

Shea’s death must have caused indelible damage to Wesley. It is not so much that Wesley hid, but that he was struck down by this tragic reality.

“Mom, I remember that I seem to have an Uncle William, but I haven’t seen him for a long time.” Layla raised her head and asked Avery, “Where did Uncle William go?”

“Then do you remember your aunt?” Avery asked.

Layla nodded, “Shea died to save her brother. I miss her so much… If she was still alive, she would definitely come to celebrate my birthday today.”

Layla had tears in her eyes.

Avery took her into her arms.

Outside the courtyard gate, a business Buick slowly stopped.

Avery took Layla out of the room and saw Eric coming from outside the door.

Foster family.

Elliot woke up earlier today. In addition to thinking about the boy’s birthday, it was also because of the strange person he met last night.

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