When His Eyes Opened Chapter 949

Layla almost blurted out ‘Dad’.

At this point, her arm was pulled, and her entire body was taken away.

Hayden pulled Layla and walked to the other side, not wanting to meet Elliot.

When Elliot saw his son pulling his daughter away, a flash of loss flashed across his eyes.

“Uncle, you look like a famous person.” Daniel saw Elliot and immediately came to strike up a conversation.

Elliot understood, this fat boy has social bullsh*t.

“The celebrity you mentioned is over there.” Elliot pointed in the direction of Eric, then turned to find Avery.

“Uncle! I’m not talking about Eric! I’m not chasing stars!” Daniel caught up with Elliot, “Are you Elliot? A famous businessman! The annual tax you pay is higher than the GDP of other countries. The value is high! I adore you so much!”

Elliot remained silent.

Daniel said, “Uncle, can you sign your name? I want to regard you as my idol, learn from you in the future, and strive for Be a great person like you!”

Elliot looked at Daniel’s pious and sincere eyes, and suddenly felt sad in his heart.

Daniel regarded him as an idol, but his son avoided him like a plague.

How ironic.

“Sorry, uncle didn’t bring a pen today.” Elliot declined his request.

Elliot knew that Daniel was the best student in Hayden’s class. He is Hayden’s classmate and Hayden’s competitor.

As Hayden’s father, Elliot did not want to leave the impression of a kind elder in Daniel’s heart.

“Uncle, I brought a pen!” After Daniel finished speaking, he took out a pen and paper from his pocket and handed it to Elliot, “Uncle, please sign for me!”

Elliot’s expression was cold and his body was a little stiff. He didn’t want to sign the kid.

At this time, Avery came over and glanced at Elliot, “What are you doing? It’s not like asking you to sign a contract, is it so embarrassing?”

After speaking, Avery took the pen and paper from Daniel’s hand, “Daniel, repeat what you said just now, auntie wrote it for you and asked him to sign.”

Daniel was so excited that he immediately repeated what he just said.

After Avery wrote that paragraph on the white paper, he handed the paper and pen to Elliot.

Elliot looked at her helplessly: “Don’t you know that you can’t reveal your signature casually? Are you unprepared?”

After he finished, he signed his name on the paper.

For a 10-year-old child, is it necessary to guard against this?

If it’s a child you don’t know, it’s okay to take precautions, but Daniel is Hayden’s classmate, and the teacher said that Hayden doesn’t usually interact with other students, and only gets close to Daniel.

Under such a premise, what’s wrong with giving Daniel a signature?

“Avery, it’s enough for you to spoil your own children. Other people’s children are hurt by other people’s parents.”

Although Elliot was crusade against her, he still accepted his fate and took the paper and pen from her hand, next to her name, sign his name.

After handing the paper and pen to Daniel, he took his shoulders and walked away.

“You treat that kid just now, better than me.” He was dissatisfied.

“Then you call me auntie, and I’ll sign your name?” Avery teased him, “Is it interesting that you don’t go with the guests, you just stare at the children? Everyone else is watching your jokes.”

He froze for a moment: “How to accompany the guests?”

“Your assistant is over there, go and ask him.” Avery said, looking at his big palm on her shoulder, and asked, “Do you think there are many guests today, I dare not talk to him? Are you arguing?”

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