When His Eyes Opened Chapter 957

Colleagues received the news and immediately replied: “Received! Act now!”

About 5 minutes later, there was a burst of punches and kicks from outside the villa, accompanied by the man’s gruff screams!

Mrs. Scarlet heard the movement and immediately ran out to check the situation.

She saw two bodyguards beating a man, so she asked, “What’s the matter, Who is this person?”

A bodyguard stopped and explained to Mrs. Scarlet, “Mrs. Scarlet, this person is the man from last night! He was sneaking around the courtyard wall, Even if he doesn’t want to do bad things, he must beat him up! Otherwise, if he comes every day in the future, the boss will definitely be angry.”

“Oh…” Mrs. Scarlet Look carefully at the middle-aged man curled up on the ground.

“Mrs. Scarlet, do you still remember me?” The middle-aged man raised his head, brushed the hair from his forehead, and stared straight at Mrs. Scarlet with his shrewd and scarlet eyes.

The bodyguard heard the middle-aged man talking to Mrs. Scarlet, and immediately stopped beating him.

This person actually knew Mrs. Scarlet. Since he knew Mrs. Scarlet, why didn’t he tell me earlier?

“You are…” Mrs. Scarlet looked at his face and didn’t recognize him for a while.

“Maybe you don’t remember me. I used to work with you in the old house.” Nathan White got up from the ground with a smile.

Nathan was fat and his face was full of flesh, so before he reported his name and previous position, Mrs. Scarlet didn’t recognize him. “Since we worked together in the old house before, then come in and tell me!”

Mrs. Scarlet invited him into the house, “By the way, what’s your name? Why are you here?”

A non-smiling arc.

“My name is Nathan White. I used to be a driver at the old house for a while.”

Mrs. Scarlet had a little impression of this name.

She froze, thinking carefully.

After a while, Mrs. Scarlet whispered, “I remember! There was indeed a driver named Nate in the old house! It’s you!”

“Yes! I am Nate!” Nathan showed a wild look at Mrs. Scarlet. He smiled, “Mrs. Scarlet, you’ve taken good care of yourself, and it’s not the same as when you were young!”

“Nathan! I remember you were fired! You stole things, and you messed with the nanny!”

Mrs. Scarlet said this, her face was red and her ears were red, and her emotions were intense!

How could she invite such a corrupt person into the house?

Just when she was about to let the bodyguards drive him out, Elliot heard the movement and walked down the stairs.

“What’s the matter?” Elliot, dressed in home clothes, strode to Mrs. Scarlet’s side.

After his eyes fell on Nathan’s face, his doubts were resolved.

“Who are you?” Elliot looked directly at Nathan with a cold voice, “Who are you looking for?”

“I’m looking for you!” Nathan grinned at Elliot.

Elliot looked at his ugly smile and clenched his fists tightly.

This middle-aged man, greasy and evil, intuitively told Elliot that he was not good.

“Sir! He was the driver of the old house! He was fired by your father because of his behavior!” Mrs. Scarlet immediately explained to Elliot, “Just let the bodyguard drive him out! You don’t need to waste time with him!

“Mrs. Scarlet, you are just the nanny of the Foster family. Do you really think you are the master of the Foster family?” Nathan mocked and sat down on the sofa.

Elliot’s bottom line was easily broken by Nathan!

Elliot pulled Mrs. Scarlet behind him, then strode forward, pulled Nathan up from the sofa, and punched Nathan’s face crookedly!

“Who allowed you to rant on my site?!” After Elliot finished speaking, he raised his fist again!

“You beat me! You’d better beat me to death!” Nathan’s eyes bulged like copper bells, and after spitting out a mouthful of blood, he gritted his teeth, “You stinky brat! Don’t you ask me why I came to see you?”

Elliot’s fist stopped in the air, tightened tightly, and finally restrained and let it go.

Just when Nathan breathed a sigh of relief and planned to continue sitting on the sofa, Elliot kicked him to the ground!

“The last person who was so arrogant in front of me has been dead for several years.” Elliot’s voice was as cold as ice.

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