When His Eyes Opened Chapter 959

“Avery, you are tried today!” Mrs. Cooper said to her, “I’m here to tell you that I put the gifts Hayden, Layla received today in the warehouse on the first floor.”

“Okay. Yes, I’ll deal with it tomorrow.” Avery patted Robert’s round head and said softly, “Baby, are you having a good time today? When you are one year old, your mother will also throw a birthday party for you, okay?

Mrs. Cooper smiled and said with emotion: “Time flies so fast, our Robert is already half a year old!”

Avery nodded and walked towards the room.

She planned to take a bath and then sleep, but when she returned to the room, the big bed in front of her seemed to be calling her with magic.

She walked over to lie down in a daze, intending to rest for a while, and then take a bath when her energy recovered a little, but not long after she lay down, she fell into a deep sleep.

She usually has the habit of having nightmares, no matter how she adjusts it, she can’t adjust it.

The pictures she dreams of most often come and go.

The first is when Dad died, holding her hand in the room, apologizing to her, begging for her forgiveness. Before she could speak, Dad swallowed. It became her regret in her life.

The second is that her mother died in a car accident. She was hit with blood and blood, and she didn’t even have a chance to say goodbye to her mother. She could never let go of this painful injury in her life.

The third is to break up with Elliot and divorce.

The fourth is Robert who almost died after giving birth prematurely.

These regrets and pains took turns to torment her every night.

But that night, she slept very soundly.

Not only has no dreams, but also does not wake up frequently during the night.

The next morning, Avery woke up abruptly when the phone rang quickly.

After waking up, she conditioned reflexively to reach for her phone by the pillow. But the phone is not by the pillow.

She opened her apricot eyes suddenly, and glanced at the pillow. “Where’s my phone?”

The bell continued to ring, making her flustered.

She got out of bed and found that she was still wearing yesterday’s skirt. She took a deep breath and patted her head violently.

When she woke up a little, she saw her bag on the cabinet, and the ringtone of the mobile phone came from the bag.

She took the phone out of her bag and saw the call from the vice president, Shaun Locklyn.

She answered the phone, and the voice of the vice president came anxiously: “Avery, something happened to my house! I want to ask you to do me a favor!”

Avery frowned and said calmly, “What happened to your house? Don’t you? I’m in a hurry, if I can help you, I will define it.”

“That’s it, I applied to study at Hallstatt University three months ago. You know Hallstatt University, which specializes in training successful people. You can enter. They are all successful businessmen, and the quota every year is very precious. I finally got through the relationship and the application was successful. The result…my son is ill and needs surgery.” The vice president’s tone was full of regret, “I can’t go now, can you go instead of me?”

Avery was confused: “I’ve never heard of Hallstatt University, what is this for?”

“It’s training for the president.”

“Oh, what’s the training?” Avery was still a little confused.

“Training successful thinking skills and making more contacts. The lecturers are among the top business giants. They will teach you how to make the company stronger and bigger. I also applied for this in order to run our company better.” The vice president regretted, “If my son was not sick, I would definitely go.”

Avery said, “You take care of your family first. It doesn’t matter whether you go to this training class or not.”

“Why doesn’t it matter? After you go, you will definitely benefit a lot. By the way, you can help me make a record when the time comes.. …. okay?”

Avery didn’t agree to attend the training, but when the vice president said it, she couldn’t refuse, “How long will this training take?”

The vice president said, “One week. It starts tonight. You have to book a flight now.”

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