When His Eyes Opened Chapter 973

Originally, the two of them went to Hallstatt to cultivate their relationship on vacation, but after only one night, they encountered such a big danger.

“Tammy called me early this morning and said that Avery sent her a message last night and decided to remarry Elliot.” Mike was only excited for half an hour when he heard that the two of them were in danger in Hallstatt, “Fortunately, I was surprised. No danger.”

“I have to call Ben back to watch the fun.” Chad turned on his mobile phone and prepared to call Ben Schaffer, who was on a business trip abroad.

Mike looked at the time and said, “I’m going to Hayden’s school! The news is too sudden. If I don’t tell Hayden in advance, I’m afraid he won’t be able to bear the excitement when he returns home in the evening.”

Chad took his arm: “That… …..Please be sure to help persuade Hayden. My boss and Avery have not been easy for so many years. Since the two of them have decided to be together, don’t be unable to remarry because of Hayden.”

Mike said, “In my heart There are numbers. And Hayden is not the kind of unreasonable child you think. He hates Elliot so much, not because Elliot was too heavy before.”

Chad looked embarrassed, “I know. My boss doesn’t know that Layla and Hayden are him. Before the child, his temper was really violent. He has changed a lot now. He will be very good to the child in the future.”

Mike said “Don’t worry, I will persuade Hayden.”

In the evening, Starry River Villa.

In order to celebrate the safe return of Avery and Elliot, everyone gathered together.

Avery was surprised that Hayden didn’t hide back in the room after seeing Elliot.

After everyone was seated, dinner began.

Avery’s eyes fell on the two children: “Hayden, Layla, mom wants to tell you two things.”

Layla looked at her with big clear eyes: “Oh, mom, you’re getting married to dad Is that right? You are looking for a husband yourself, not for us, so you don’t have to ask us whether we agree or not!”

Hayden nodded.

Avery was speechless.

After the two children expressed their unanimous opinions, Avery was a little confused.

So smooth, it feels a little unreal.

“Thank you, but mom still wants to explain to you.” Avery continued.

Layla said, “Dad is rich and handsome, and it’s not bad for you. If you want to marry him, my brother and I have no objection!”

Averysaid, “Layla, who taught you to say that?”

Layla said, “Uncle Mike and Auntie Tammy have taught me.”

Avery was speechless.

Tammy and Mike secretly lowered their heads.

After dinner, Avery sent Elliot out.

“Avery, do we get the certificate first or do the wedding first?” Elliot asked enthusiastically.

Avery’s cheeks were slightly red: “Let’s prepare for the wedding first! Tammy and Jun planned to get the certificate, so let’s get the marriage certificate!”

Elliot stretched his brows and said dumbly, “Okay. I’ll contact the designer tonight and get married tomorrow. The ring and the dress are settled.”

If it was before, she would have said that he was too anxious, but now, she is in the same mood as him.

The two of them came up and down, and it was long overdue for a grand wedding!

The next day, Avery drove to see Elliot and the designer.

When Avery was stuck in traffic on a congested road in the city center, she inadvertently looked through the car window and saw a familiar figure outside the car window!

Her heart like suddenly came to her throat!

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