When His Eyes Opened Chapter 975

“Why did they drag your car?” Elliot frowned slightly, “What happened? Why didn’t you call me?”

“It’s just a small matter.” Avery picked up the water glass and took a sip, “I’m in On the way, I met Zion. His family members are very strange. I was very angry that they did not let my patient contact me. When I met Zion on the road in the morning, I ran to look for it. That person has reasoned.”

After hearing her explanation, Elliot felt unbelievable: “Avery, since your patient’s family doesn’t want your patient to contact you, why don’t you respect their wishes? Your patient is not your family. You can’t take care of other people’s family affairs.”

Avery frowned, “I knew you were going to say that. This patient is different from ordinary patients.”

“I know that he and Shea have the same disease. So you are right He is very concerned, right?” Elliot interrupted her, “Since his family asked you to treat him at a high price, it means that his family is by no means an ordinary family. They will naturally take good care of the patient.”

“It’s strange. It’s that they didn’t take good care of my patient. Otherwise, I wouldn’t mind my own business.” Avery lowered her eyes, “I know you still think it has nothing to do with me, but I just can’t control myself to take care of it. “

Elliot suddenly softened: “Avery, I didn’t say you were bad. If they really abuse your patient, then you can interfere if you want! I’ll support you.”

Avery shook her head quickly: “Although I’m nosy, but I won’t do things beyond my ability. And our wedding also needs your attention, so you don’t need to worry about my little things.”

Elliot: “Yeah.”

“Elliot, I heard that you also had this disease when you were young and you were cured by a genius doctor. Did you go to that genius doctor later?” Avery asked the question that troubled him, “If you were not cured when you were a child, you would be very pitiful now.”

Elliot’s expression became confused: “No one has told me about this. I don’t know anything about this genius doctor, so I can’t find it.”

“Oh, what a pity.” Avery glanced at the time and said, “Let’s go to lunch! I’m a little hungry.”

“Okay. Next time your car is towed away, tell me directly, you don’t have to go by yourself. Get the car.” Elliot said.

Avery said sternly, “There won’t be another time. I’m too impulsive today, it’s very dangerous.”


In the evening.

Avery received a call from Adrian.

“Adrian, are you okay now? I met your elder brother, Zion today, and he refused to tell me about you.” Avery asked anxiously.

Adrian’s voice came weak, “They locked me in the room and didn’t let me out. If I don’t listen to them, they won’t let me eat… I’ll be very hungry if I don’t eat.”

Avery’s psychological defense line collapsed: “How could this happen? How could they treat you like this?! Adrian, listen to them first, you must eat well! Otherwise, your body will not be able to bear it! I will find a way to find you! You are waiting for me!”

“Avery, you are so kind.” Adrian seemed to chuckle slightly and said contentedly, “I knew you wouldn’t leave me alone.”

Avery’s eyes were wet and moist. She couldn’t figure out why Adrian was treated like this.

Nathan spent a huge amount of medical expenses to treat Adrian, but abused him, why? What did they want to do when they asked Adrian to listen to them?

At night, Avery lost sleep. Regarding this issue, she thought of many possibilities.

She even thought of Elliot. She always felt that Elliot also had a problem.

The next morning, Elliot came to the Starry River Villa.

Avery looked at him, dazed for a few seconds, and a bold idea suddenly came into his heart!

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