When His Eyes Opened Chapter 976

“Avery, what are you looking at?” A blush appeared on Elliot’s handsome face.

Although the two of them have been reconciled and are as close as ever, she rarely stares directly at him without quarreling.

Elliot couldn’t guess what was in her heart.

This is why he is obsessed with her.

“Mr. I found that you are very handsome today.” Avery pulled him to sit down on the sofa, and patted his hair with a small hand, “Is hairspray applied? It’s not good for your hair to use hairspray often. You are also handsome without hairspray. “

Elliot remained silent.

He suspected that Avery had taken the wrong medicine today, otherwise why would it be so strange.

“Have you had breakfast? Would you like a glass of milk?” Avery said, without waiting for him to answer, he went to the kitchen to get a glass of milk and handed it to him, “Drink it!”

Elliot Holding the milk glass and looked at her suspiciously: “Avery, you…”

“Don’t move! I seem to see a white hair on your head!” Avery turned his face back, Then she carefully pulled two hairs on his head.

This pain is nothing to him, but the mental blow is enough.

Why does Elliot have white hair?

“Show me.” Elliot wanted to see his white hair.

A flash of panic flashed in her eyes, and her face was slightly red: “What’s so good about white hair, I just plucked it and threw it on the ground. Why don’t you go to the ground and look for it?”

After she finished speaking, she yawned.

Of course Elliot wouldn’t go to the ground to find his white hair. He felt that Avery’s attitude towards him seemed to be normal after pulling out the gray hair.

“You didn’t say yesterday that you’re coming this morning? What’s the matter with you coming so early?” Avery said, walking towards the bedroom, “I’m going to change, and you’ll wait for me in the living room.”

Elliot held a milk glass and get up from the sofa.

Mrs. Cooper came over with Robert in her arms to show him.

Mrs. Cooper smiled and said, “Robert woke up at 5 o’clock this morning, and got tired from playing until 7 o’clock, so he slept very well now. He is very good at turning over now, and it is estimated that he will be in two months. I can slowly learn to walk.”

Elliot looked at his son’s chubby little face softly, and asked, “Did you think Avery was a little strange just now?”

Mrs. Cooper was stunned for a moment: “No! She brought you milk. Maybe it’s because you’re hungry!”

Elliot said, “She also praised me for being handsome.”

Avery is not such a straightforward person.

She hardly complimented him like that.

So he was flattered and overjoyed.

Mrs. Cooper laughed: “Now that the two of you are reconciled. Avery must think you are more handsome.”

Elliot took the milk cup and took a sip.

“Sir, have you had breakfast yet?” Mrs. Cooper asked.

“I didn’t eat. Let’s eat together.”

“Oh, then I’ll put Robert on the bed first.” Mrs. Cooper put Robert in the crib and walked towards the kitchen.

Avery quickly changed her clothes and walked out.

“Elliot, did you come here?” Avery teased, “you just came when the child went to school.”

“I’m afraid Hayden will be unhappy when he sees me.” Elliot walked with her towards the dining room, “Designer sent me the pattern of the wedding ring and I’ll show it to you. By the way, let’s discuss the issue of living together in the future.”

“The pattern was designed so quickly?” Avery was a little surprised.

“Yesterday you always emphasized that the style should be simple and not fancy. I can do such a simple request.”

“Haha, then you can design it and show it to me.” Avery teased, “If you design better than other professional designers It’s okay, I’ll use yours.”

“Okay. Eat breakfast first. Look at it later.”

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