When His Eyes Opened Chapter 979

“What’s so good about white hair, it’s white hair. Can’t you imagine it in your mind?” Avery’s answer left Cole speechless.

“Why do I feel that you are deliberately trolling me?” Cole muttered.

“I don’t think your hair is oily, but you actually said that I would fix you. If I really want to fix you, just let your uncle do it. He won’t pull out your hair, he will only pull out your head.”

Cole face turned black with fright, “Didn’t you say that my uncle wasn’t so cruel to me?”

“Yes, otherwise why are you still alive? If you weren’t his nephew, you would have died a long time ago.” Avery said, “This cup After the coffee is finished, I’m leaving.”

Cole was stunned: “Didn’t you say you want to chat with me? What do you want to chat with me?”

“It’s over!” Avery took a sip of coffee and looked at him, “I just want to know your current situation. Now that I know how poor you have been, I find that I can’t speak.”

“Why?” Cole asked.

“Because I’ve had a great time, I just tell you something, it’s like showing off to you. I don’t think it’s immoral.” Avery finished drinking coffee and got up with her bag, “you’ll take your coffee, drink it slowly.”

Cole looked at her leaving back and stunned.

They seemed to speak no more than ten sentences before and after. And these words can be said on the phone.

The only thing that can’t be done on the phone is that she pulls a lock of his hair.

He insisted that she plucked out a lock of his hair, not one.

If it wasn’t for the pain in his scalp, he would have thought it was a dream.

Avery came out of the cafe, got into the car, and drove the car to the DNA identification center.

Her mood was up and down, and she was even a little nervous. She didn’t know what the DNA results would be this time, she couldn’t guess at all.

If the DNA results of Elliot and Cole’s uncle and nephew can match, then life will continue on the current track.

It just subverted her traditional thinking. She would believe that it turns out that in this world, there are really hidden masters.

If their DNA results don’t match… she sighed heavily! If it doesn’t match, it means that Elliot is not from the Foster family.

Because the bones of Henry and Cole are almost carved out of the same mold. They don’t need to do DNA test to know that they are father and son.

She couldn’t imagine how much impact this incident would have had if Elliot was not from the Foster family.

In addition to the outside influence, there is also the influence on Elliot.

Elliot loves Shea so much. Even for Shea, he did not hesitate to kill Master Foster. If let him know that he and Shea are not brothers and sisters, how will she accept this result!

Thinking of this, she parked the car uncomfortably.

For some reason, her sixth sense told her strongly that the truth was what she thought.

Because the more she think about it, the more clearly she discover that Elliot and the Foster family are completely different.

She doesn’t want to do this appraisal anymore.

She was afraid to face such a result!

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