When His Eyes Opened Chapter 981

It’s interesting that Elliot sent candy to her company.

“It’s not decided yet!” Avery said sternly.

“Ah? Didn’t you get married?” The front desk was surprised, “I asked the people in Sterling, and they said you and Mr. Foster got married!”

Avery was speechless.


Avery didn’t even know that she was getting married on June 1, but the employees of Elliot’s company knew first.

She and Elliot only agreed to get a certificate before wedding and then the date of the wedding depends on the preparations for the wedding.

As a result, he ordered the marriage on June 1, but did not inform her?

She returned to the office and immediately called Elliot.

Elliot answered the phone and said in a low voice, “Avery, I was about to call you. The renderings of the dress are out, and I sent them to your mobile phone. Take a look.”

“So soon?” She forgot herself in surprise. The reason for calling him, “Then I’ll take a look now.”

After that, she hung up the phone.

Clicking on whatsapp, she saw several dress renderings sent by him.

After seeing it, she called back: “Is it the work of the designer yesterday? The renderings are pretty good.”

“So it’s settled?”

“Well.” Avery is not picky. As long as the style is simple and dignified.

The wedding is sacred in her heart.

The dress style he sent just now basically meets the requirements.

“My vice president helped us calculate the good days and auspicious days, and said that June 1 is suitable for marriage.” He asked, “What do you think of June 1?”

Avery walked to the desk and sat down then said, “It turned out to be your vice president’s wedding date. Now my company’s employees all know that the two of us are married on June 1. Let’s go on June 1! It’s just that time will be too tight. “

Elliot chuckled, “It shouldn’t be a problem. As long as you spend a little more money, you will be able to hold the wedding tomorrow.”

Avery’s cheeks blushed slightly, and she changed the subject: “Do you want to invite your eldest brother and nephew?”

“No contact. It’s necessary.” Elliot’s tone became a little colder, “When I see their father and son, I will remember that my mother was killed by them. My mother’s biggest wish in her life is to see me get married. Unfortunately, she can’t see it anymore. “

Avery’s heart touched: ” Do you have a good relationship with your mother?”

He said hoarsely, “My mother loves me very much. I know who treats me well. Except for my mother, you are the best for me.”

Avery has mixed feelings, and her eyes are a little hot: “I always quarrel with you. Why do you think I am good to you?”

“Even if you quarrel with me, I can feel that you care about me.” Elliot’s tone, With a bit of stubbornness.

Avery’s breathing suddenly became heavy, and she didn’t want to hide her feelings any longer, “Elliot, I really care about you. Maybe more than you think.”

Elliot was satisfied with her answer.

“Avery, I have no relatives except you and the child.” Elliot said.

At such a tender moment, Avery remembered the DNA identification of Elliot and Cole.

Results will be out in a week. So Avery was curious, if Elliot was not from the Foster family, who would be his relatives?

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