When His Eyes Opened Chapter 982

In the evening.

Avery came home and saw Elliot and the designer in the living room.

The designer came to measure Avery’s size.

“Mom, I want a pretty dress too.” Layla looked at Avery with envy.

“Baby, mom bought you so many new dresses, and there are still many that haven’t been worn!” Avery coaxed her.

Layla frowned, “That’s different.”

“Why is it different?”

Layla said this, and suddenly laughed, “Dad showed me the wedding dress that you are going to wear. It’s much prettier than my dresses. Dad said he would buy me the exact same as your dress.”

Avery looked at Elliot and said, “Are you sure you want to buy a wedding dress for your daughter?”

Elliot stunned: “It’s good if your daughter likes it.”

Avery felt that there was a very big problem with his attitude.

First of all, the wedding dress was very large, and it would be very inconvenient for Layla to wear such a bulky dress.

Secondly, how can everything be used to children?

“How can you follow her with everything? If she wants to marry a man casually in the future, would you have the same attitude?” Avery must correct his wrong view of education.

Elliot hasn’t moved in yet, but he has been obedient to Layla. When he moves in in the future, won’t he spoil Layla?

Her question made Elliot frown.

In Elliot’s eyes, Layla is still a little girl. He never thought about her future marriage.

For now, he simply cannot accept his daughter’s marriage. Even just thinking about his daughter going to live with other men in the future, his heart will be blocked and uncomfortable.

“Until the age of 18, Layla cannot fall in love. Before the age of 25, she cannot marry.” After a brief thought, Elliot settled on this rule, “Before the age of 18, the mind is immature and easy to be deceived. Before the age of 20, her thoughts were not fully mature, so I wouldn’t worry about marrying her to any man.”

Avery felt that his rules were outrageous.

“If you say that your daughter can’t get married before the age of eighteen, I totally agree. Why can’t you get married before the age of twenty-five?” Avery had a disagreement with him, citing the facts, “When I married you, I could Not twenty-five years old!”

Elliot thought back and analyzed: “We are in different situations. I was lying in bed in an uncertain state. If I wasn’t in that state, I wouldn’t have married you at all.”

His words are to respect the facts and say it without any emotion. And Avery was directly blown away by his words.

“Do you regret meeting me?”

Elliot stood up from the sofa as if on pins and needles, and explained, “I didn’t mean that. I just assumed…”

“Don’t you mean that if you were not in a vegetative state, Do you absolutely despise me?” Avery slapped his palm away, “I still despise you! If our family hadn’t been down and out, and your family gave me a lot of betrothal gifts, I would have been beaten to death. I won’t marry you either!”

Elliot’s temple hurt.

“You may have no idea about the situation at the time. After all, you were lying in bed for so long, and you didn’t know what happened. I’ll help you sort it out.” Avery was annoyed by him, how could she let him go easily.

“At that time, your family doctor said that you were dying, and your mother was anxious to find women everywhere and wanted to give you a child and leave a descendant, but no woman was willing to marry you!”

Elliot was speechless.

Avery continued to mock him, “Even Chelsea, who was infatuated with you, didn’t know where to go at the time. You should thank me for not disliking you in the first place!”

Elliot repented: “Avery, thank you for not disliking me at the beginning.”

Avery saw that Elliot admitted his mistake, and his anger halved: “I didn’t dislike you at first but your bodyguards guarded me like a prisoner. I can’t run away.”

Elliot didn’t say a word.

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