When His Eyes Opened Chapter 985

Ben Schaffer listened to her aggrieved tone, and stretched out his arms to hug her softly: “I know that you have been in pain. You used to be a high-ranking queen, how have you suffered such grievances.” Chelsea burst into tears.

She now knows that Ben Schaffer is the man who loves her the most in the world. But before she died, she had to hurt him again.

“Ben Schaffer, I want to marry you in the next life… Whether you want to promise or not, you must promise me first. After all, I am dying, and you will satisfy me for the last time.”

Ben Schaffer: “Okay. I will marry you in the next life.”


After seeing the psychiatrist, Tammy called Avery.

After Avery asked where she was, she immediately rushed to see her.

The two sat down at a restaurant for lunch.

“Why doesn’t Jun eat with us? Is it because I am here that he is embarrassed?” Avery asked.

Tammy said, “What’s he embarrassed about? We are chatting together. Is he acting as a light bulb? I told him not to disturb us.”

Avery asked with a smile, “How do you feel after seeing the psychiatrist? “

Tammy sighed, “It feels very complicated. Actually, I know that many people have their own painful experiences. In this world, very few people can have a smooth life.”

“Then do you want to change to a psychiatrist? ?” Avery felt that her mood seemed even lower.

Tammy shook her head: “This psychiatrist is very good. She told me not to escape the pain, but to face it and overcome it.”

Avery said, “It takes a process.”

Tammy laughed suddenly, “She told me a funny thing. She said that Elliot had also approached her. But after receiving one treatment, Elliot never came again.”

Avery was surprised: “Why would I tell you this? Isn’t it impossible to reveal the patient’s information?”

Tammy shook her head: “She didn’t reveal the content of Elliot’s treatment, but only said that Elliot came to see her, but she didn’t come again, so she asked a friend to inquire about it and found that Elliot was talking bad about her behind her back.”

Avery was gossiping: “How did Elliot talk bad about her?”

“Elliot complained to his friends that it is better to see a psychiatrist than to see a wild dog on the roadside.”

Avery was speechless.

Tammy sighed, “This doctor knows my relationship with the two of you, so that’s why he told me this. I didn’t expect that Elliot, who looks so powerful, even went to a psychiatrist. “

Avery said, “He also suffered a lot of painful things. Tammy, ​​it will pass.”


In the evening, Elliot found out that Ben Schaffer had lost contact. He called Ben Schaffer during the day, but Ben Schaffer didn’t answer.

He thought that Ben Schaffer would call him back when he was done, but at night, Ben Schaffer hadn’t called him back. There was an ominous premonition in his heart.

Chelsea is now mentally distorted, and Ben Schaffer has gone alone again. Shouldn’t Chelsea hurt Ben Schaffer?

Elliot thought of this, frowned, and dialed the phone again.

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