When His Eyes Opened Chapter 995

“Layla, have you chosen which clothes to wear?” Avery asked without answering, “Usually when you attend a funeral, you will wear black clothes. You wear this black skirt and black bottoming p*nts.”

Layla nodded: “Mom, you look very unhappy. What did you see just now?”

Avery pulled out a stiff smile: “It’s my mother’s work.”

Layla gave her an idea. “I can let Daddy help you solve it. Daddy is living in our house now, let him do something for you, can he still not be willing?”

“Mom can solve it by herself. Mommy can help you to Change your clothes!” Avery was very solemn, but couldn’t show it, so she changed the subject, “Layla, are you sure you will go back to school next week?”

“Well. I have to be brave. Other children can go back to school, I can too.”

“Layla, you are really great. Mom is proud of you.” Avery squatted down and kissed her daughter’s forehead.

In the living room, Elliot’s cell phone rang.

When Robert heard the ringing of the phone, his jet-black eyes stared like copper bells.

Elliot smiled at his son, then answered the phone.

“Boss, have you seen the interview with Chelsea’s mother?” Chad’s voice came over the phone, “During the interview, she was so pitiful and created an image of a victim. She said you killed her. The owner of the Tierney family has occupied all the property of the Tierney family. This is to kill her too. During the interview, she asked for help from all walks of life, and I hope everyone can help her get justice.”

Elliot’s face turned ashen!

This shameless old woman!

Did she think she dared not touch her?

Chad asked, “Boss, do you want to block her interview video, or respond to her video? She looks haggard in the video, but the words she said are very annoying.”

Elliot said indifferently, “Don’t she just want money? I don’t give her a cent. She thought a mere interview video could affect me? It’s hopelessly stupid!”

Chad sighed, “Well! Her behavior It’s disgusting. It’s like Chelsea had to die in our company. The mother and daughter are really the same.”

Avery took Layla out of the room and heard Elliot talking on the phone. Her eyes fell on him madly.

He is arrogant, arrogant, and noble! He made the entire Foster family famous, and when others talked about him, they never dared to be disrespectful.

The dazzling halo he worked hard for the Foster family now looks like a joke.

Rosalie Foster must be aware of it, right?

It’s hard for the old lady to treat Elliot as her own. As long as the old lady is not so good to Elliot, Elliot will not miss the old lady after the old lady’s death.

Elliot saw avery and his daughter out of the corner of his eye, and immediately hung up.

“Robert was awake, so I didn’t go out to talk on the phone.” he explained.

Avery looked at his handsome face and replied, “Elliot, I’m going to change my clothes. When I change my clothes, let’s go out! It’s a little stuffy at home.”


After Avery returned to the room, Elliot left to Layla.

“Layla, your dress today is so beautiful. Dad never saw you wear it before.” Elliot tried every way to praise his daughter and make her happy.

This trick is very useful for children.

Layla’s feelings for him were deeper now than before.

Layla murmured, “Dad, Mom is in trouble at work, please help her! Although she said she could solve it, I think she’s obviously very unhappy.”

Elliot frowned slightly: “your mother told you that she is in trouble at work?”

As far as Elliot knows, the Tate Industries has not encountered any trouble.

Layla nodded: “Mom took out a few pieces of paper in my room just now. After reading it, her face changed.”

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