When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 146

The steamy atmosphere made the two of us feverish. He grabbed my waist roughly, growling sensually, “Focus on me.”

The next thing I knew, Ashton was carrying me to the bed. Towering over me, he spoke as if giving a command, “Take it off.”

Following his gaze to my nether regions, I was at a loss for words. I placed my hands over my belly and looked at him nervously. “The doctor said that we shouldn’t! It’s going to hurt the kid.”

I’m not going to budge on this!

Upon hearing my words, his gaze visibly darkened. “So what? You want me to just give up like that?” He whispered, his tone dangerous.

I nodded lightly. “That’s what the doctor said. Don’t do it unless you don’t want this kid anymore.”

As he pursed his lips in silence, my phone suddenly rang.

I got him off me and took my phone. It was John.

Feeling somewhat nervous, I glanced at Ashton. He seemed to be rather displeased upon seeing the name displayed on my phone screen.

I got up, wanting to answer the call at the balcony.

However, a pair of hands quickly grabbed my shoulders. “Answer it here!” He commanded before pressing on the speaker button.

I frowned. “Ashton, you’re invading my privacy!”

In response, he sneered and said, “We’re a married couple. Everything should be shared between us.”

“How shameless!”

As I answered the call, I could only pray for John to keep things straightforward and clean. Nick has already given me enough trouble… So if John acts up now, I’ll definitely get skinned by Ashton.

“Hello, Mr. Stovall. May I know why you’re calling me?” There, that should sound formal enough.

I glanced at Ashton. His expression seemed less unpleasant, as I expected.

John sounded weary. From the clicking noises of his keyboard, I reckoned that he must still be at work.

“Letty, come to have dinner with me tonight.” He seemed to be informing me rather than asking me.

I furrowed my brows and replied, “I don’t have the time. If that’s all, I’m hanging up then.”

Before I could end the call, John suddenly spoke, “Aren’t you going to talk to me about Jackson?”

I almost jumped. Sensing Ashton’s scorching gaze on me, I could feel every muscle in my body starting to tense up.

“There’s nothing to talk about!”

“Letty, drop the act. You know very well why Jackson left the country in the first place. The fact that you cut off all contact with him for so long only to contact him now could only mean one thing. Ashton isn’t treating you right, is he?” he continued.

His words, along with the sound of him typing furiously on his keyboard was truly getting on my nerves.

“It shouldn’t matter to you whether or not I’m living a happy life! Why are you so nosy? Goodbye!” I spluttered.

Without any more hesitation, I hung up the call before he could utter another word.

His words had triggered me so much that I almost could not control my anger.

On the other hand, Ashton was simply looking at me intently, as if he were trying to interrogate me with his eyes. Gosh. I really have to give it to John for having absolutely no tact whatsoever.

He knows exactly where my wounds are, and he’s sprinkling his salt on all the right spots!

The atmosphere in the bedroom became chilly. I knew that Ashton was not feeling happy about the things he heard and I wanted to talk to him, but I simply did not know where to begin.

Feeling troubled, I lay back down on the bed in silence.

Having sex out of repressed anger felt a little odd. Ashton was touching me all over roughly, yet I could not sense any passion in his movements.

I did not try to stop him and let him have his way with me.

After a few moments of not getting any reactions from me, he paused and stared at me as he grew more annoyed by the second.

To make things worse for me, that was not the first time something this awkward had happened between us, and he knew exactly how this type of sex would make me feel.

As the silence in the room persisted, my phone started ringing again in an untimely manner. Ashton seized it before I could even react.

After answering the call, he remained quiet and gave me a mocking look.

“Letty, I’ve sent you some fruits. You can go collect it now. I think they have been delivered.” Macy’s voice sounded from the speaker.

Just as I was about to reply to her, Ashton cut me off and said, “She’s busy!”

After a moment of silence, Macy said, “It… It’s just downstairs. It’s not like it’s far away…”

“She’s literally under me right now. Do you really think she’s able to go and get it?” He spoke, gritting his teeth in anger.

Macy went silent. After another short pause, the call ended.

Fuming, Ashton turned my phone off and gave me a stern look as he went on with what he was doing.

I could tell that his mood was terrible, but that was about it.

After a few rounds of our “workout” in bed, I felt completely dead inside. Not only was it tiring, but it also made me feel uncomfortable and offended.

Ashton pulled me into an awkward position in the crook of his arm, talking to me with his eyes half-open, “Go clean yourself.”

“I don’t feel like moving.”

Feeling beyond exhausted, all I wanted to do at that moment was to lay in bed quietly.

Perhaps the sex somewhat made up for his emotional void, he leaned in for a gentle kiss before smiling. “You need to improve your stamina a little, don’t you think so?”

My eyelids felt heavier than ever and I could no longer muster the strength to reply to him.

As I rested in his arms, the stickiness of my sweat gradually started bothering me.

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