When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 152

After leaving the shop, I found myself a place to sit somewhere on the opposite street. Looking at my watch, I realized that it was almost time that Ashton would get off work.

Maybe I’ll just wait for him, and then we can go home together.

With that thought in mind, I bought a milk tea from a nearby shop and sat by the street,

Stacey and Felix emerged from the men’s wear shop after about an hour’s time. I did not go up to them again. We were not close friends after all.

The two of them held hands and seemed to be enjoying each other’s company.

Stacey left first after receiving a phone call.

On the other hand, Felix stood there and waited for a while before a black Maserati stopped by before him. I could not help but take a closer look at the car.

Upon seeing the plump middle-aged man in the car, every muscle in my body seemed to tense up. I knew that face.

He was the man who kidnapped me in the garage.

Before I knew it, I stood up to follow them. Felix got in the car, said a few words, and left.

I quickly hailed a taxi on the road and got the driver to tag the Maserati.

“Ma’am, are you sure you want to do this? You’re pregnant! Is that your husband in that Maserati?” The taxi driver said.

I was completely focused on the car in front and simply told him not to lose the car.

The black Maserati eventually made its way into a neighborhood in the North District. The taxi driver stopped and turned to talk to me. “Only residents can enter the Gold Scale Estate. I won’t be able to follow them from here.”

I paid him and got off the taxi.

I walked to the guard post to see if I could talk my way in but alas, it was to no avail.

I then decided to give Mrs. Ludwick a call. The moment the call was connected, the other woman greeted, “Hi, Mrs. Fuller.”

“Hi, Mrs. Ludwick. I’m sorry to bother you at this time. But I have some personal affairs that I need your help with. Would you help me?” I asked.

“Oh, you’re too polite. Tell me about it, and I’ll try my best.” I could tell from the background noise that she was probably at a beauty salon.

I took a brief look at the estate before me and said, “Well, Ashton and I are planning to move and I heard about you living in the Gold Scale Estate. So I was just wondering if you could tell me more about the place. I’m pregnant and can’t really move around checking out the area too much, and Ashton’s really busy too.”

“Oh, really? To tell you the truth, the Gold Scale Estate is actually not as good as the Peakville Estate. I only bought a villa there for Felix so that he could move out after he gets married. The whole process is quite problematic, honestly. If the two youngsters weren’t so keen on getting married this quickly, I would have sold the house off!”

Felix’s house? Felix works at AC Credit. Maybe that middle-aged man also works there?

After some thought, I said, “Actually, I’m nearby the area right now. Can you tell the security guards here to let me in? I want to take a look around here.”

“Sure thing! Pass the phone to the security guard, and I’ll talk to them!”

In no time at all, I was able to get into the estate.

I got the block number of Mrs. Ludwick’s villa from the security guard and I started searching for it.

Because the villas were built in an urban area, it had a relatively limited area, couple that with the fact that there were several other buildings in the vicinity, the people that were living in the Gold Scale Estate was quite a substantial amount.

When I finally found Mrs. Ludwick’s villa, I saw the black Maserati parked before it.

I took down the numbers on its license plate, took a look around me, and was about to leave.

To my horror, Felix’s voice sounded from behind. “Hi, Mrs. Fuller. Since you’re here, how about you take your time and have a good look inside the villa?”

I turned around stiffly. Felix was standing on the stairs, looking down at me with a cold face.

My heart sank. Flashing him an unnatural smile, I replied, “Did Mrs. Ludwick tell you about my visit? It’s just a casual visit, really. I don’t think I’ll be going in.”

“Mrs. Fuller, how would you know how the villa is if you don’t come in? Besides, it’s a little rude to reject my invite, isn’t it?” Felix narrowed his eyes at me, his gaze looking hostile.

I fidgeted around, feeling uneasy. “Alright then. Please pardon my intrusion.”

He pursed his lips and ushered me in. “Please come right in!”

It was just as Mrs. Ludwick said. The villa was less spacious than I imagined, at only about two hundred and five meters square. The middle-aged man was sitting there in the living room.

Upon seeing me step inside, he gave an unsettling smile and said, “Mrs. Fuller! You have sharp eyes! And you’re good at remembering faces too!”

His behavior and words confirmed my suspicions about him.

As I stared at him, my face turned a little pale. “And you are?”

“You can call me Mr. Tuffin.” He seemed to be really calm. Gesturing for me to sit down, he said, “Mrs. Fuller, you’ve been tailing us this entire time. What are you trying to do?”

“I have some questions for you, Mr. Tuffin. We are not actually acquainted with each other, are we? I was just wondering why would you kidnap me because of a trivial public tender?” I asked.

He made a nasty expression and leaned back against the sofa. “Mrs. Fuller, if you really want to talk, how about you stop your voice recording first? Don’t you think that’s rude?” He uttered in a displeased tone.

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