When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 160

Both of us took a few sips before I said, “You should build your career here in J City if you have the chance. Everyone’s here so someone could take care of you in the future.”

No matter how many people came and went into a person’s life, there would only be a few friends who would stay by their side. If they were separated for too long, then the bond would be gone forever.

He gulped down the rest of it and it was obvious that he was only doing it because of his bad mood.

“We’ll see in the future. I’m quite envious of your friendship with Macy. Both of you wouldn’t separate no matter what. Even though you have no family now, both of you still have someone loyal by your sides.”

Macy and I weren’t just simple friends anymore. We were each other’s only family now.

The wine we were drinking was quite strong so I stopped after taking a few sips. I started to get worried when Jackson finished a whole bottle after a while. “That’s enough! This wine is strong.”

His cheeks were tinted red, seemingly tipsy already. He then reached out to open up the other bottle. However, his voice was still clear when he said, “It’ll be fine as long as it doesn’t kill me. I doubt there would be anyone who cares if I die anyway!”

With that said, he started to gulp down the wine. His eyes reddened as he spoke, “Humans are ridiculous beings. They’d throw insults and humiliate you when they don’t need you. Yet, when you’re of use to them, they’d come and beg like a pathetic dog. How ridiculous is that?”

I couldn’t understand what he was saying and could only listen silently as I didn’t know what to say.

Macy, however, had already woken up and she said while lying on the couch, “Did your family in K City ask you to go back?”

Her words were obviously directed at Jackson. He narrowed his reddened eyes and nodded. “They’re all a family of greedy and ruthless monsters. They forced my mom to death and now they want me to cure that sick bastard. What a joke!”

I still couldn’t understand what he was saying so I looked at Macy for help. “What’s happening?”

She took a sip of water and held onto her forehead. “Jackson is the illegitimate son of a rich businessman in K City. Five years ago, his mother brought him to K City and begged the Kanes to accept him into the family. However, they refused and chased them out. Judging by his words earlier, it seems like the Kanes are ready to accept him now.”

“I… don’t think I know anything about this.”

“Of course, you don’t. You almost went crazy when you found out what happened to your Grandma back then. Even if he were to tell you, you probably won’t even register to a single thing he said.”

I looked over to Jackson. His face was grim as he leaned against the couch.

Everyone in this world was fighting their own battles. It was either something physical or mental. I didn’t know much about consoling people so I stayed silently by his side.

Unfortunately, we had to fight these dreadful battles alone.

I looked up at the time and realized it was already past midnight. Seeing that Jackson was drunk, I got up and helped him to his bed. Macy quickly got up and helped me. Then, she glanced at the time and asked, “Didn’t Mr. Fuller call you?”

I shook my head. “My phone is out of battery.”

She frowned at my words. “You’d better get home quickly, then. I’ll take care of things here.”

“It’s fine. I already told Ashton that I’ll be staying over at Glenwood Apartments this afternoon,” I answered as I tucked Jackson into bed.

I couldn’t help but ask when I noticed the dark circles under Macy’s eyes, “Are you not sleeping well lately?”

She nodded tiredly. “It seems like this baby is here to torture me. I’m suffering quite badly because of it.”

All pregnant women had different reactions. I experienced little to no reaction and my morning sickness didn’t last for long. After pausing for a moment, I said, “Let’s go. We should get home now.”

We arrived at the apartment just after a while since it wasn’t very far away.

By the time we got into bed, it was already one in the morning. Both of us were exhausted and we fell asleep moments later.


The next afternoon, I ate breakfast with Macy before heading back to the villa.

I had been fumbling the whole time and only realized that I left my bag and phone at Glenwood Apartments when I arrived at the villa.

There wasn’t anyone in the living room when I opened the door. The workaholic Ashton must’ve gone to his company already and it seems like Mrs. Eriksen is out too.

After changing my shoes, I made my way to the study to read up on some parenting books. However, the strong smell of tobacco choked me the moment I opened the door to the study.

It was daytime, yet all the curtains in the room were pulled shut, causing the room to be eerily dark.

“Ashton?” I called when I saw a spark in the darkness.

He must still be smoking!

I reached out to turn on the lights and instantly met with his cold gaze. His face was grim as he ordered, “Turn it off!”

What’s wrong with him?

I frowned and walked towards him. “Didn’t you sleep well last night?” I could smell the faint scent of alcohol on him and I unwittingly furrowed my brows. “Why did you drink?”

Ashton kept silent as his dark eyes bore into my soul. He then stubbed out his cigarette and asked, “Where did you go last night?”

“The Glenwood Apartments,” I answered with a frown. “I told you yesterday.”

“Hah!” His voice was low and hoarse, and his words were filled with hostility. “What else are you hiding from me, Scarlett?”

I became frustrated from the smell of tobacco in the room and I was starting to get a headache from being stared at by him. “What could there possibly be that you don’t know about? There are only those few people in my life. Just ask me directly if you want to know something. There’s no need to be like this.”

“So will you really tell me if I ask?” Maybe it was because he stayed up all night, but his eyes were bloodshot and I could see beard stubs on his chin.

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