When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 163

I knew he was surprised, but I would try my best to resolve the dispute between George and him to free up his worries and to repay him for his kindness towards me.

Ashton was already in the kitchen when I got out of the bathroom.

He saw me and noticed that I was barefooted. “The floor is cold, so please wear slippers!” he said out of concern.


I was too focused on looking for him that I forgot about it.

After slipping into a pair of slippers, I entered the kitchen to take a peek at what he was cooking. “What are you cooking?” I asked to find out what was behind that rich, comforting smell.

“Chicken soup!” he replied with pride. He came close to me with his gleeful eyes and requested, “Give me a kiss!”

I was startled, and I blushed. “Have you decided when to visit George?” I tried to change the topic.

He noticed, so he smirked and teased, “I’ll tell you after you give me a peck on my cheek!”

I gave him a light peck on his cheek and looked at him, “Alright, can I know now?”

Ashton smiled so brightly – he resembled a happy baby with blushed cheeks and flushed ears.

“The day after tomorrow then!”


I slept surprisingly well that night. When I woke up, Ashton was already off to work.

I lazed on the bed and thought of heading back to Glenwood Apartments to retrieve my cellphone. It felt awkward to not have my phone with me.

To my wonderment, I saw Macy and Mrs. Eriksen chattering away happily.

“When did you get here?” I interrupted.

“I’ve been here for quite some time already. I brought your cellphone and bag here for you. Let’s get some breakfast and head to the hotel afterwards to meet Jackson!”

I nodded in reply as the plan sounded great.

Macy was a chatterbox. She always had endless topics to talk about. There was a time when she was in the kitchen with Mrs. Eriksen, and both of them discussed topics from food to raising kids. I would not be surprised if they carried on their conversation for days.

Lucky for me, Mrs. Eriksen had to get groceries after breakfast, so I was able to grab Macy to go to the hotel.

Let’s go!

“Your helper is so experienced! She’s the reason why I’m tempted to move in with you!” she exclaimed while munching on the green mango salad that she brought from the villa.

I chuckled. “You are always welcomed for stayovers!”

Mrs. Eriksen was an old lady who had been with the Fullers for many years. Hence, she was treated as part of the Fullers family.

“Why are there so many medicines in your car?” Macy exclaimed as she pulled open the glove compartment at the front seat. “Hmm… most of them are pills to aid the release of progesterone.”

She looked up at me and questioned, “Didn’t the doctor advise limiting the consumption of pills during pregnancy? Why are you taking so many different types then?”

I stopped the car as the traffic lights turned red and explained, “I’ve been to the hospital several times, and those were what the doctors prescribed to me. Dr. Crest prescribed some drugs to help suppress my nauseousness and to stabilize my pregnancy.”

Her facial expression changed when I mentioned Jared. “Oh,” she replied softly.

I glanced at her and asked mindlessly, “Do you plan on telling Dr. Crest about your baby?”

She pressed a finger on her temple and explained in a slightly annoyed tone, “The baby is mine, and it has nothing to do with him. I don’t feel the need to tell him about it.”

I didn’t probe further and parked the car in the basement.

It was already 11 a.m. “Should we bring some breakfast for Jackson? He probably hasn’t woke up yet.”

“He would’ve probably ordered room service. Let’s go!” She pulled me into the lift and commented, “That sleepyhead is probably still in dreamland.”

We knocked on the room door several times, but there was no response. Macy clapped her hands once while she claimed, “I knew it!”

Just when I was about to give him a call, Jackson opened the door.

“Why are the both of you so early?” Jackson asked with his eyes half-closed.

“Dude, it’s already noon! What did you do last night? Even pigs get hungry at this hour.” Macy rolled her eyes and was just about to step into his room.

“Wait!” Jackson stopped.

“Why?” Macy and I were startled.

Macy scanned the room, squinted her eyes and guessed, “Did you bring a lady over?”

“No, of course not!” Jackson exclaimed with a slight hint of guilt. “This is a guys’ room! There are private stuff that you may not wish to see.”

Tsk! Macy went speechless. “We know you so well down to the size of your pants. What else could we be surprised by?”

I admire Macy’s quick wit.

“Who’s there?” A voice sounded from the room. Both Macy and I dropped our jaws.

We glanced at each other and exclaimed in unison, “It’s a guy?”

“Jackson, you slept with a guy? Oh god…” Macy blurted. The voice sounded familiar.

I was stunned, while Jackson’s face turned red. Macy and I entered the room.

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