When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 176

He raised his eyebrows. “The tickets to K City for the evening have already been booked. Have you forgotten?”

If he had not brought this up, I definitely would have forgotten.

I was dumbfounded for a moment and then I asked, “What must I bring with me?”

“Nothing!” He put his arm around my waist. “Joseph has arranged everything. We’ll be staying for a few days. I’ll bring you to meet Aunt Sally!”

“Should we go for another check-up?” The baby is almost seven months old. It didn’t develop so well in the early stages. Since we are not familiar with K City, would it not be better to do a check-up before we leave?

Perhaps he knew what bothered me as he said, “Dr. Ludwick has arranged for an obstetrician and gynecologist to come with us. I have also arranged for a doctor in K City, so don’t worry.”

I just nodded and thought for a while, “Macy and Dr. Crest are still in the hospital. When we go off, who will take care of them?”

“Jared has recuperated well. He just has to stay in the hospital for a few more days. The doctor for Macy said that she can be discharged. If you are worried about her, let her come with us.” He had thought of everything so well that I was at a loss for words for a while.

After pondering over it, I asked, “Shall we not go to the family home and say goodbye to Uncle Charlie and Aunt Helen?”

He stopped talking and looked at me. His dark eyes gazed at me for a long time and then he asked, “Scarlett, you don’t want to go to K City, do you?”

I was stunned and shook my head. “No, it’s just that I’m used to staying here in J City. It’s basically strange to go to K City. Besides, I don’t sleep well now. I’m afraid it’s going to get worse in K City.”

I didn’t like it and I didn’t want to go. Rebecca’s biological parents were both there and their power and authority were based there. I had a bad omen that I might get blown up in bits if I go there.

“I have contacted the doctor. This time I won’t be there for a long time, at most one month. After seeing Aunt Sally and the doctor, we’ll come back. We won’t stay for long. You are not well and you need treatment, both for you and for the child. I know that Dr. Kane is with you but both of you are friends. A doctor’s judgement may be affected by personal emotions!”

He said this in a very sincere tone so I didn’t and couldn’t deny it.

Looking down at the palm of my hand, I nodded, “Well, I’ll go with your arrangements! What time is the flight tonight?” Later, I would go and see Macy and Jackson. We summoned Jackson back from afar so, I definitely couldn’t go off to K City without seeing him.

“Six o’clock!”

I nodded and said plainly, “In a while, I shall go to see Macy.”

“I’ll go with you!”

I thought of refusing him. Then, I remembered that he needed to see Jared, so I didn’t say anything.

After breakfast, I went into the kitchen and started cooking the pasta for John. Mrs. Eriksen refused to let me breathe in the oily fumes and forced me out. I did not protest but just asked her to cook three portions.

It was not far from our villa to the hospital and Ashton’s driving was safe and fast so we reached our destination very quickly.

He got a phone call while we were in the lift. We were supposed to visit Macy’s ward first but it was improper for him to talk while visiting so he remained at the staircase while I went ahead.

As I entered the ward, Macy looked at me with eyes full of expectation and she said pitifully, “You’re here finally. I’m afraid I’ll become a permanent part of the hospital. Please help me with the discharge procedures later. I don’t want to stay in the hospital anymore. I’m going to suffocate and die here.”

She was too funny for words. I handed her the pasta and said, “It’s freshly cooked so eat it now. It will turn soggy after a while. Just enjoy it and I will send the other two portions now.”

“Two portions? Whom are they for?” She looked at me with a face full of curiosity.

“John and Jared!”

She gaped. “I know Jared is hospitalized. What happened to John?”

This was giving me a headache as it was not easy to explain so I replied, “Ashton beat him up. I’ll come back later and tell you about it.”

Coming out of the ward, I bumped into Joe and Rebecca. She cast me a glance that was both calm and nonchalant. I always felt that she had changed a lot, seemingly more at peace with herself.

Passing the lunch boxed into Joe’s hand, I said, “Mr. Quinn, you don’t mind bringing these to Dr. Crest’s room, do you?”

Joe raised his eyebrows. “You made them?”

“It was Ashton!” With that, he took the food containers. I did not say much but went to the surgical ward.

John seemed especially good at berating people. At the door of the ward, I could hear him telling the nurse to get out in a very cold tone.

The nurse came out of the ward looking ashen. When she saw me, she pulled my hand and said, “Ms. Stovall, something urgent has come up at home so, I am unable to continue working here. Please will you contact another nurse quickly?”

“Letty, are you here?” From inside the bedroom came John’s voice.

The nurse left without saying much.

Entering the ward, I saw John on the hospital bed with a mobile phone in his hand. Seeing me, his gloomy face started smiling “You’ve got the pasta ready?”

I nodded as I passed the pasta to him, “Don’t make things difficult for the nurses. Tonight I’m leaving for K City with Ashton. We’ll be there for some time. You’d better get someone to come and take care of you.”

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