When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 178

Given the size of the table, he had to raise his voice so everyone could hear.

All eyes were on Rebecca for a while. It was awkward, and nobody spoke, but she took it all in stride. Her face was frozen in an elegant smile, yet she did not seem angered.

“You’re surrounded by such upstanding and cultured people, Ms. Stovall,” said Joe. “I’ve barely said a few words, and they’re already engaging with me ad hominem.

“Oh, spare us the fancy accusations! Ad hominem indeed!” sneered Jackson. “You’re Joe Quinn, I assume. Look, if you want to protect her so badly, then just marry her! Stop her from moping around and pining for someone else’s husband like a lovesick puppy.”

“Ah, that’s human nature, isn’t it?” responded Macy. “The grass is always greener on the other side. Forbidden fruit will always taste sweeter if you can’t have it for yourself.”

I was taken aback by the resentment in her eyes when she looked at Jared. Whatever their history was, it seemed to run quite deep.

Ashton’s face sank. “Well, I think pregnant women shouldn’t tarry in such hectic places,” he said mildly. “Let’s all just resume eating.”

Rebecca looked aggrievedly at me, but said nothing.

I massaged my temples. That remark was obviously directed at me. Few knew about Macy’s pregnancy, but my belly was bulging.

“What a bold display of favoritism!” retorted Jackson smugly.

Nick glanced at me with a mild expression. Having also noticed that Jackson had passed over a dish to him, he frowned with some displeasure. “You know that I don’t like fish.”

“You will once you eat it!” Jackson seemed to be in relatively decent spirits. He was constantly pestering Nick to try new things, but his actions seemed ambiguous.

It was odd, considering how it was only a meal.

Jared had initially required to remain in hospital, but he refused to stay there since he was already nearing a complete recovery. To compensate for this, he employed a personal doctor to see to his needs. Macy was much better now so she insisted on being discharged.

Jackson turned around and tossed the car keys at me. “I’m also getting ready to depart for M Country. Please call me any time, should you have any problems.”

Ashton and I had a plane to catch so we went straight back to the villa to pack.

It was ten o’clock at night by the time we reached K City. Someone had been assigned to pick us up from the airport in a black limousine.

Ashton was juggling with the luggage and me when suddenly, a middle-aged man exited the car. In a very respectful tone, he gave Ashton a heartfelt greeting.

Ashton nodded at him and handed our luggage to him before helping me into the car. I was drowsy but still managed to catch the introduction Ashton provided. The man was Croyden, his aunt’s butler.

I gave him a slight nod to greet him but soon dozed off on Ashton’s shoulder. It might have been the long flight, coupled with the running around all day. In no time, I fell into a deep slumber.

I didn’t even wake up when Ashton brought me to our room.

When I woke up the next day, I was dumbstruck. The furnishings in the room seemed oddly familiar. I was sure that we were already in K City, so what was all this?

While I noticed the similarities between the furnishings in the bedroom and what we had in the J City villa, these items seemed to be newer and more up-to-date. It was likely that the designs were a bit less popular due to how new they were.

I lay down for a while longer to get rid of the drowsiness before finally getting up. The layout of the bedroom was the same as that of the villa we lived in. Even the toiletries were brands that I used frequently, arranged per Ashton’s instructions.

When I stepped out of the bathroom, I saw Ashton standing there in a full suit. He smiled and asked, “Did you sleep well last night?”

I nodded and gave him the once-over. He was dressed in his usual all-black, custom-designed suit, just like everything else he owned. “Have you considered wearing other colors?”

I had bought him clothing in other colors before, but they were all hanging in the closet, untouched.

He arched a brow and walked towards me. “I can try!” With that, he proceeded to tug my arm towards the exit.

I froze for a moment. “At least let me get dressed!”

“Go have breakfast first. You can change after eating!”

I frowned. “Aren’t we at your aunt’s place?”

He shook his head and took my hand. “It’s too hectic over there and crowded to boot. For that reason, I bought this place. I was concerned that you wouldn’t be able to sleep well. The bedroom has been designed according to the villa in J City, but it is much larger. It’ll also be easier to cater to the arrival of the baby.”

His thoughtful consideration surprised me. Immediately, I felt warmth bloom in my heart. Smiling at him, I asked, “Is Mrs. Eriksen here too?”

“No.” Pulling me out of the bedroom, he said, “Someone needs to manage things in J City. However, I’ve hired some part-time staff, a personal doctor, and housekeepers to tend to your needs. They live in the next block.”

I didn’t understand what he meant initially but learnt later that it had to do with the layout of the grounds itself. It was a large, elegant Oriental-style building divided into three main blocks. The main building, where Ashton and I lived, was two-story high. The other two buildings housed the doctor, the housekeepers, and a few bodyguards.

The whole place was also beautifully landscaped. A rockery and water feature adorned the main house and garden, but it was also filled with seasonal fruits and vegetables. The backyard was mostly filled with fruit trees. Extra care was taken to include flowers and plants that were in season to decorate both areas.

It was a large place. After breakfast, Ashton led me on a tour of the place and told me to get dressed. We were going to visit his aunt.

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