“Why am I a dick? Jean-Marie Bigard responds to François Cluzet after his insults

François Cluzet violently attacked Jean-Marie Bigard in the program “En aparté”, insulting him with “con”. The 67-year-old comedian, invited by Cyril Hanouna in “Touche pas à mon poste” this Tuesday, March 22, had his right of reply.

When Jean-Marie Bigard woke up this Tuesday March 22, 2022, he must not have fully understood what was happening to him. The day before, François Cluzet attacked him and Fabrice Luchini violently, insulting them with ” assholes ” and of ” megalos “who would do better to” shut up“. Unfriendly words that inevitably reached the ears of the main interested parties.

Cyril Hanouna, close to Jean-Marie Bigard, therefore invited his friend to Do not touch My TV so that he can express himself and react to François Cluzet’s virulent attack. And surprisingly, it is in the greatest calm that the husband of Lola Marois spoke about his detractor: “ I love François Cluzet, I think he’s a wonderful artist. I’d love to be his friend, I’ve already said that, but now he’s shooting himself in the foot, he’s having a nervous breakdown, he’s very, very angry. I want to say that I didn’t kill the dog. What did I do why? Why am I a dick? It is very possible that I am a jerk which does not exclude either that I am also very intelligent and very nice.

Jean-Marie Bigard, always calm, assumes that he sometimes has spontaneous positions and reactions: “ It’s true, I have convictions like Gilles [Verdez, ndlr] when he often gets pissed off. If he believes in something, he goes, he goes for it. I have a tendency to do that, it costs me dearly. He is right ! Very often, I could keep my mouth shut, but what would we be without people who open their mouths a little? Would there have been a revolution?

Jean-Marie Bigard’s problem, as he himself says, is injustice: ” I have a hard time keeping my mouth shut when I feel an injustice“. So hearing François Cluzet attack him even though he has done nothing leaves him perplexed. If he specifies that public insult can be punished by law, he suggests another way to settle this conflict to the actor ofUntouchables : “ It is absolutely necessary that we go and drink a chamomile both. It will relax us, I swear! I don’t blame you at all. “A proposal that is likely to remain across the throat of François Cluzet…

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