Why Do You Want to Be a Nurse?

So many have different reasons for wanting whatever they want in life; the same case goes for why a person would want to be a nurse. But the most important and sustainable reason is that they love saving lives.

Aside from funny reasons like I love the uniform, I am attracted to the neatness; I like the capes on nurses’ heads. There are valid reasons why a person can love to be a nurse.

Especially if such posses, naturally, the qualities of a nurse. Nursing is a great profession.

You can be certain that it is one of the most highly respected professions in the world. Who won’t like a nurse? Their hospitality, service to humanity, and caring nature made nursing loved by even the non-nurses.

If a child stays around nurses so well, they may become nurses because their Lovable character is desirable. 

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Why Do You Want to Be a Nurse?

The primary thing that can make an individual want to be a nurse is the desirable qualities of nurses.

Nurses are thought to have these beautiful qualities that make almost everyone admire them.

Aside from this, many may desire to nurse based on the opportunities attached to being a nurse.

Benefits of Being a Nurse

  1. Opportunity for Advancement
  2. Continual education opportunities
  3. Travel possibilities
  4. Job outlook
  5. Overtime pay
  6. Specialty possibilities
  7. Career advancement opportunities
  8. Professional recognition
  9. Job satisfaction
  10. Flexibility
  11. Rewarding Career Path
  12. The national average salary for a registered nurse (RN) is $78,459 per year. This figure far exceeds the annual mean wage reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) in 2019. 

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What Happens After Becoming a Nurse

Like I said earlier, the simple answer is people will say, “I want to be a nurse because I want to save lives” Some people will give stories backing up their answer.

Maybe when they were young, a scenario occurred that gave them the conviction to be a nurse or doctor.

Either they thought a particular person almost died but for the help of a doctor, or died because of the absence of medical personnel.

So, at that moment, they felt they had the experience to nurse and save a person’s life. Yes, that is right, but not all right.

Let’s look at this from the view of parenthood and guardians. Based on research in our society and all across the globe, we discovered that the reason for some people becoming a nurse is not “saving lives,” in reality.

Nursing is a well-paying and respectable job at this age. And when it comes to people’s interests, we want to do anything that will benefit us.

Let’s look at it from this view, when we were young, our parents and some other people asked us questions like what we wanted to become in the future/when we grew up.

Most of us choose to be doctors, nurses, lawyers, pilots, engineering, soldiers, etc.

Although nurses were not rampant then because most children wanted to lead and felt like nurses were beneath doctors, they wanted to be the doctors above nurses.

Based on research, we discovered that as children grow up, they discover themselves. So many things begin to change about them, particularly their choices when they were young.

Most children eventually discover that naturally, they did not like their chosen professions when they were young or felt that their capabilities could not cope with those professions.

So they begin to change their minds about their choices, seeing themselves in a different direction from what they had chosen at a young age or when they could not decide for themselves.

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While those who have a problem with it push their children to do what they want, in some cases, the parents might see the fundamental reason their children need to do those professions.

They might have a sense of fear, so they took it upon themselves to push that child out of the fear limitation.

So those kinds of situations are understandable; therefore, parents must discover their children’s strengths and weaknesses while watching them grow.

But in some cases, the parents want to be respected and recognized in society, so that they would impose those professions on their children. This should not be so; everybody has the right to make their own good choice.

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