Why does everyone suddenly drink aloe juice?

We have heard beauty and wellness experts say that a green juice a day keeps skin aging away. But this new trend has gone to another level with the consumption of aloe juice.

Aloe juice is a clear, slightly sour juice derived from the aloe plant. And lately many are talking about its benefits in terms of skin improvement. Drinking this juice every day will have – according to the supporters – glowing and youthful skin, while reducing the signs of acne.

So what about aloe juice?

I must first make it clear that no juice – or food – can change your skin – make it better or worse. Certainly natural juices contain vitamins and minerals

which strengthen the immune system and this can have a positive effect on the skin, but it is not a panacea.

More specifically, aloe juice could have some benefits for protecting cells from free radicals harmful to the skin, but by itself can not work wonders.

So before you start consuming liters of aloe juice, it is good to know the following: Although his nutritional statistics are multiple, there is no research to support the claim that aloe vera juice can improve the appearance of your skin.

Also stay away from this juice if you are taking medicines for digestive problems, blood disorders or diabetes, as aloe can have mild laxative and diluent effects and can cause a drop in blood sugar in diabetics with already low levels.

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